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Ashish Rana completed his graduation in Commerce from Punjab University in 2005 and has done an MBA in Finance from Punjab Technical University. He holds more than 15 years of professional experience in the finance, accounting and taxation industry.
He has successfully reviewed and processed various tasks under Accounting & Bookkeeping, Payroll, Personal Property Tax Returns, Business or Corporate Tax Returns, Individual Tax Returns (1040), Notice Handling, Tax Planning for Individuals and Corporations, MIS Reporting, Communication with US Staff and US Clients.
At present, he is supervising a team of more than 150 employees who deal with International Clients for Accounts, Payroll, Sales Tax VAT and GST returns, and also takes care of MIS Reporting, Communication with Clients.
He has been writing informative and engaging articles about the accounting industry, expressing his views on the latest industry trends, providing solutions against the common accounting problems faced by businesses, streamlining their accounting processes eventually.
Outsourced Tax Preparation Cogneesol
Simplify Your Taxes: Expert Advice on Choosing Outsourced Tax Preparation

Handling tax preparation and filing can be a daunting task. It involves meticulous account management, complex calculations, investment assessments, and [...]

Tax Preparer Mistakes
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Common Mistakes Tax Preparers Make and How to Avoid Them

Tax season is stressful for many individuals and businesses, and finding a qualified tax preparer can make the process smoother. [...]

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Why CPAs Need Tax Preparation Services During Tax Season?

The tax season is about to kick off, and CPA firms will soon start running in all directions. The ultimate [...]

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Top Tax Planning Strategies to Follow

Tax planning is crucial to overall business planning and must be handled with due care. Experts suggest that the more [...]

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6 Tips to Avoid Burnout During This Tax Season

Tax season is undoubtedly the busiest time of the year for numerous CPAs and accounting experts across the globe. It [...]

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Why CPA Firms Should Outsource Tax Preparation – 6 Strategic Reasons

The tax season is fast approaching; as a result, CPAs and CPA firms are becoming busier than usual due to [...]

Outsource tax preparation
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Don’t Get Overwhelmed: Outsource Tax Preparation Services This Tax Season

As the world is moving into a new year, businesses and accountants are busy collecting and organizing financials for tax [...]

Outsource Tax preparation
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Outsource Tax Preparation and Reduce Your CPA Firm’s Costs

Every business, regardless of the industry, needs to deal with complicated finance-related functions. Given the complexity involved, many firms outsource [...]

Tax Preparation Outsourcing
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CPA Tax Preparation: Make Your Tax Season Effortless with Outsourcing

Running a CPA firm is a huge responsibility in itself that owners manage tremendously. However, as a CPA firm owner, [...]

Tax Saving Strategies
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8 Tax-Saving Strategies Suggested by Experts for SMBs

Running a small business has an expense of its own. For an entrepreneur, every dime counts! For a small business [...]

tax busy season
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Is Your CPA Firm Ready for the Busy Tax Season? [Infographic]

Busy tax season is here again, and CPAs worldwide are now on their toes, busy preparing their clients' tax files. [...]

Tax Season
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Things Tax Professionals Actually Do to Recharge after Busy Tax Season

All businesses are required to file taxes for which they either hire tax preparation companies or have an in-house team of tax [...]

Tax Season Tips
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Tips That Help Ease the Rush of Next Busy Tax Season

Regardless of your experience as an accountant, you might never say tax season is an easy time. It is always [...]

Tax Season
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How can CPAs Overcome Busy Tax Season Challenges – Experts’ Opinion!

Tax season is challenging for CPAs as it brings a lot of work pressure. To achieve profitable growth and ensure [...]

Tax Filing Mistakes
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Filing Taxes? Watch Out for these Common Mistakes!

The biggest testing time for businesses around the world is the time when they start preparing and filing taxes. Staying [...]

best tax preparation software
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Top 10 Tax Software with Comparisons to let You Choose the Best One!

As per the National Society of Accountants, the average cost in 2020 for a tax preparer to file a Form [...]

Tax Preparation Software
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Drake: A Complete Professional Tax Preparation Software

Dealing with taxes is a complex task. The tax season brings an immense burden on businesses and working professionals to [...]

Missing Tax Deadline
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Top Excuses Taxpayers Made for Missing UK Tax Deadline

As the annual tax deadline looms over the United Kingdom, taxpayers often find themselves in a race against time to [...]

business taxes
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Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Business Taxes in 2020?

Tackling your taxes once you've become a small business owner becomes challenging. The IRS estimates that it will take the [...]

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Expert Reviews for Using Accounting and Tax Software!

As your business grows, you’ll have more decisions to make concerning your accounting. With advancements in technology, businesses are moving [...]

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What Preparations Must You do Before the Next Tax Season Starts?

Businesses around the world follow a very hectic work schedule and have a plethora of management tasks to handle throughout [...]

Tax Reforms
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5 Fallacies and Misapprehensions of the Latest Tax Reforms and Legislation

For most Americans, the process of income tax is over, done and dusted with returns having being filed already. However, [...]

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Effective Tax Planning Tips for Businesses and Individuals for the Remaining Year 2018

So, US citizens have concluded yet another tax return filing season. How the last thing they want to have on [...]

outsource tax preparation services
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What to do if You‘re Not Prepared to File Your Taxes by the Due Date?

As the tax season rolls around, the pressure to meet the filing deadline can be overwhelming. Life is unpredictable, and [...]

Tax Retrun Preparation Services
Tax Preparation
How to Earn More in Tax Refund This Time?

For whichThe time to file your tax refund is here! And everyone wants to get the most out of it [...]

tax deduction
Tax Preparation
5 Tax Deductions Which Businesses Miss Frequently

Generally, business owners make the mistake of filing tax returns at the eleventh hour. In a hurry to complete the [...]

Accurate Bookkeeping
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Why maintaining Accurate Bookkeeping is Critical for Businesses?

Bookkeeping is the process of maintaining records related to monetary transactions.  It helps the higher management in analyzing the financial [...]

tax return preparation
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5 Business Tax Preparation Tips to Remain Ahead of the Curve

A couple of days have passed of 2019 and tax season is about to approach you. Are you worried about [...]

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Addressing Top 7 Tax Preparation Challenges Faced by CPAs Today

Working environments in CPA firms are undergoing dramatic changes. This has led to the emergence of various challenges related to [...]

Outsourcing Tax Preparation
Accounting Blog
Why CPA Firms Are Increasingly Outsourcing Tax Preparation?

Many certified public accountants (CPA) and accounting firms are looking abroad hoping that outsourcing specific tasks may consolidate their business [...]

TurboTax vs CPA
Accounting Blog
Pros and Cons of using Tax Preparation Software like TurboTax vs. a CPA

When it comes to filing your taxes for the upcoming year, the interest of using TurboTax or other best tax [...]

Tax software
Lacerte Tax Preparation
Discussion : Lacerte vs. Proseries Intuit Tax Software

In recent times, the trend of outsourcing tax preparation tasks to offshore tax experts has become popular. Moreover, the outsourcing [...]

Tax Preparation Software
How Tax Preparation Software Helps Small Business and Individuals?

Tax preparation is an important activity in any business enterprise. By using the latest software, you can manage your taxes [...]

Tax Preparation
Tax Preparation
4 Things that Every Agency Owner Should Keep in Mind for Better Tax Preparation Outsourcing

Taxpaying is one of the basic activities that every organization or agency performs. The tax season is a delicate time [...]

healthcare accounting
Accounts Payable
Roles of Healthcare Accounting Firms in Medical Business

Healthcare accounting firms can play an important role in medical businesses. Like any other business, health care businesses have to [...]

Tax Preparation Services
What Does it Cost to Outsource Your Tax Preparation Tasks?

More and more business firms are opting for outsource tax return preparation offered by foreign companies based in developing countries [...]

Accounts Payable
Outsource Netsuite Accounting – The Most Effective Financial Strategy

Every business needs a robust financial strategy to thrive and grow. For small startups, it's a roadmap for future development, [...]

QuickBooks Accounting Services
Bookkeeping Services
How QuickBooks Accounting Services Can Accelerate Your Business?

In today's business landscape, efficiency is paramount. Simplifying operations is the mantra for modern businesses. Accounting, once a resource-intensive endeavor, [...]

quickbooks bookkeeping services
Bookkeeping Services
Know How to Choose the Right QuickBooks Bookkeeping Services?

A precise and accurate accounting process is the foundation of any business. Today, businesses focus on simplifying their operations. The [...]

QuickBooks accounting software
Bookkeeping Services
Why QuickBooks is an Ideal Small Business Accounting Software?

QuickBooks is a small business accounting software of choice these days. Therefore, we thought it would be useful to inform you [...]

Tax prepration services
Lacerte Tax Software Simplifies Complex Tax Preparation

Why do tax accounting professionals the world over choose to put their faith on Lacerte tax preparation software? An analysis [...]

Tax Preparation Services
ATX Tax Preparation
Cogneesol: Tax Preparation Experts Reveal the Finest Ways to Prepare the 2015 Tax Returns

It is now that time of the year when the focus shifts to the preparation of 2015 Tax Returns. For [...]

Taxes 2016
Prepare Your Taxes Before the Beginning of the New Year

The IRS has stated that the tax season starts off on January 19, 2016. To be certain, taxes preparation is [...]

Tax Preparation Services
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How Outsourcing Tax Preparation Can Save You Money This Season?

Companies often find themselves at crossroads, juggling the demands of their growing business and tax-related matters. While business expansion is [...]

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Review: UltraTax Tax Preparation Software

Tax preparation is a very complex activity made easy by highly advanced different professional software. There are a large number [...]

Intuit ProSeries
Tax Preparation
Intuit ProSeries Tax Preparation Software- A Review

Intuit offers tax software solution in the mid-tier known as ProSeries. ProSeries Tax Preparation Software is intended to provide an [...]

Capital Gains Tax in the USA Tax Preparation

When you trade something for an additional gain than you spent to acquire it, a capital gain occurs. It is [...]

Tax Preparation
Lacerte Tax Preparation Software

The process of preparing tax returns is what we consider as Tax Preparation. It is essential for income tax returns. [...]

Lacerte Tax Preparation
Why Choose Lacerte Tax Preparation Software?

If there is one accounting software that can stand the test of time, it is Lacerte Tax by Intuit. Over [...]

Tax Preparation Services
How to Reduce Errors at the Time of Tax Preparation?

Tax season brings along with it a feeling of urgency as well as immense tension in tax preparation. No doubt, [...]

Tax Preparation Services
Accounting Blog
How to Make Sure Tax Preparation on Time?

In today's competitive business arena, data and figures hold immense significance. To attain success and efficiency, you need to understand [...]

Tax Preparation Outsourcing
Tax Preparation Outsourcing – Deal with the Customer’s Demand and Reap Profits

In the world of business, customer satisfaction is paramount. And when it comes to tax preparation, customers have higher expectations [...]

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How Does Outsourcing Tax Preparation Help Improve Client Service?

During the last decade, accounting companies ranging in size from small-scale companies to large-scale ones have accepted tax preparation outsourcing [...]

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