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Corporate legal business units and law firms are experiencing intense pressure to keep their legal expenses down as a part of all-round business imperatives to become leaner and productive. We at Cogneesol, a leading legal process outsourcing (LPO) company provide high-quality legal support services to global law firms management and corporate legal divisions and can help alleviate the burden of the attorneys. Our legal outsourcing services incorporate E-Discovery and Document Review, Legal Research and Drafting, Contract Management and Review, Litigation Support Services, Title Search Service, Paralegal Services, Legal Coding, Deposition Summary, Legal Data Entry, Legal Accounting and so on.

We work closely with our clients presenting cost-cutting possibilities and allowing them to pay attention to strategic legal issues and streamlining their processes. We facilitate our clients by managing their internal procedures and tackling external disputes, such as regulatory compliance concerns, industrial disputes, corporate structuring and much more. Our incredibly cost-effective solutions assure over 65% cost savings and make it possible for our clients to expand their internal capacity and retain superior quality at the same time.


Looking for scalable, cost-effective and superior-quality resources to handle your value-added legal tasks? Cogneesol is offering a free 14-day trial to all our clients to experience our services so you can check our work quality prior to outsourcing legal services.

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If you are a law firm and choose our legal outsourcing services:

  • You'll be in a position to fulfill all your client's demands while also pay attention to lesser significant tasks.
  • You will be able to control costs as a cardinal feature of your services.
  • Accepting cases in totality improves profits and is easier for your clients also. It makes way for a long-term & satisfying client association.

If you are a corporate and outsource to us:

  • Your in-house legal team can spend time on other strategical tasks, forgetting about the day-to-day work that is assigned to us.
  • You can scale down your organization's risk profile by boosting the coverage you obtain from your in-house team.
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