Insurance policies consist of crucial information like declarations, definitions, coverages, exclusions, conditions and a lot more. Making sure that each and every detail is accurate is often an exceedingly cumbersome and time-consuming task. We at Cogneesol have over 9 years of experience in assisting insurance carriers/wholesalers in streamlining and standardizing their policy issuance processes. Our determination to strengthen the underwriting process has enabled our clients to issue clean and unambiguous insurance policies and augment their credibility as an exceptionally professional insurance company. We have helped our clients issue thousands of insurance policies every year. Our policy issuance services are managed by a team of skilled insurance professionals with vast industry exposure in particular areas like property, casualty, individual, life, healthcare, accident, workers compensation and so on.

Our expert know-how will be of assistance to add an extra level of quality check to determine risk certainty levels as well as other aspects that could impact your profits. From minor modifications in policy issuance to the major ones that trigger changes in the premium, we are going to work hand-in-hand with your underwriters, thereby, making sure that your customer is looked after and that your company’s interests are in safe hands. Cogneesol as your outsourcing partner can help with lowering of the overall overheads by making sure that the policy is complete with regards to the data inputted and detailing associated. Customer details are diligently verified and checked for accuracy in order to issue an all-inclusive insurance policy.


  • Reviewing all the insurance policy paperwork and validating the details

  • Informing the underwriters regarding the details that are missing or are inaccurate

  • Verification of the customer details and additional information mentioned in the policy

  • Entering the data to create policy setup document

  • Arranging, listing and organizing digitalized pages in software program based on the work queue

  • Generating the final insurance policy depending on inputs from the underwriter


  • VertaFore Policy Management Software
  • NexSure Insurance Software
  • Aspire Policy Administration Software
  • Insurance Pro Software
  • HawkSoft Software
  • Agency Matrix Industry Software
  • Applied Insurance Software
  • Newton Software
  • Agency Software Inc.
Software used by Cogneesol Insurance Team for Policy Issuance Services

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Cogneesol has a well-structured issuance procedure intended to assist insurance carriers in fulfilling the twin purpose of strengthening their relation with insurance brokers as well as enhancing the experience of the policy holders. We assist you to transform the entire underwriting process, gather rich data and generate more refined insurance policies.


Our policy issuance process adheres to the complete cycle of generating a comprehensive insurance policy document i.e. from reviewing the documents presented by the customers, to making sure that they are entered the right way, to producing the final policy. We team up with the insurance carrier's underwriter to make sure that all submitted details are complete and true. Our specialized competence and eye for detail will ascertain that the issued policy is free from errors, which is then sent to your underwriter so they can forward it to your agents, to hand-over to the insured.

With the help of our staff, client underwriters are noticeably less occupied with the issuance process, so as to pay attention to their primary underwriting tasks. Our team plays a crucial role in streamlining and standardizing documentation as well as reporting, and make use of advanced database tools and programs to automate issuance functions, contributing to reduced turnaround times. Our insurance policy issuance team has worked with several small and mid-sized insurance carriers/wholesalers, spread across countries like the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Dubai etc.


  • Vast Industry Expertise
    Vast Industry Expertise

    We were raised in insurance sector, hence we speak your language day in and day out & know how to help you in streamlining your business.

  • Efficient Operations
    Efficient Operations

    Our internal operations follow an efficient process to issue policies that are error-free and reliable. Outsource policy issuance to experience the same.

  • Reduced Cycle Time
    Reduced Cycle Time

    Outsourcing insurance policy issuance services to Cogneesol can help our clients in shortening the policy’s cycle time, thereby, helping them render better solutions.

  • Multiple Software Support
    Multiple Software Support

    Our in-house team can proficiently work on all the major industry-recognized insurance software programs to generate accurate final policies.

  • State-of-the-art Framework
    State-of-the-art Framework

    Experience continual innovation, the highest-possible efficiency, and the exemplary customer service when you outsource policy issuance to us.

  • Complete Security
    Complete Security

    We adhere to the security and privacy of our clients' data. Whenever you outsource to Cogneesol, you won’t end up being worried about this aspect.

  • Round-the-clock Service
    Round-the-clock Service

    Obtain the customer support and service you need any time issuing or processing new business. Our team is available 24 by 5.

  • Flexible Pricing Plans
    Flexible Pricing Plans

    Our pricing plans are flexible in every single way— from scope, prices to scale. We customize our offerings as per your requirements.

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