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Application Design & Development Services

It is no longer enough for enterprises to only have a website presence. Modern day inroads into technology, automation, online marketplace and cloud services necessitates an urgent migration from the regular brick and mortar domain to that of digital. Cogneesol’s next generation application design and development solutions help you to move your business into this ever expanding and ever evolving world of digital web and applications.

Our team of IT specialists can help you with website and application interfaces across a variety of platforms and services. They will simplify complex business problems, design, develop and deploy applications that are targeted and market-oriented thereby enabling your business processes to operate more efficiently which in turn will accelerate its growth and profitability.

“Our go-to-market strategy has seen a jump with Cogneesol’s digital solutions.”

- Insurance Company, Melbourne, Australia

Application Design and Development Solutions

We help our clients with flexible, modular and scalable solutions that take into consideration and keep room for future feature changes and upgrades. Our offerings include:

Application Support and Maintenance

Our Application Support and Maintenance teams provide round-the-clock surveillance of applications and real-time redressal of issues so that your business operations are not adversely impacted.

With the aim to ensuring the optimal functioning of your business applications, Cogneesol’s adaptive services team provides 24/7 monitoring, checking performance standards, providing for updates and corrective maintenance, modifying configurations as per requirement, fixing bugs and installing security patches.

Leveraging web-based technologies such as MS SQL, AWS, MS Azure, Javascript, and mobile application development tools like Android studio and Xcode, our IT experts make performance-enhancing upgrades to your applications making them more productive and efficient.

Our IT Quality team conducts periodic audits to catch technical glitches, errors of logic, design and coding in client’s business applications. Cause-effect relationship established, they then provide corrective services of redesign, re-coding and re-deployment ensuring security patches are in place and applications operate optimally.

Mobile Applications Development

Mobile applications have revolutionized the way organizations, both big and small, do business nowadays. Functioning as an interface to the standard applications, they give ease of access to customers thereby increasing revenue. Cogneesol offers best-in-class mobile applications development including:

Cogneesol offers full stack Android app development solutions with multiple entry points that adapt to different devices.

Increase your brand reach and customer base with easy, intuitive features of our app development and give your business the boost it needs.

Enhance iOS mobile users’ experience with applications developed by Cogneesol. Our app developers make smart, bespoke iOS mobile apps that give clients cutting-edge technical capabilities, augment their customer outreach and improve their business prospects.

Give your enterprise the agility, robustness and scalability of hybrid, cross-platform applications.

Cogneesol’s team of hybrid app developers, proficient in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, are specialist in making requirement-specific hybrid apps that will make your business more productive and efficient.

  • Hybrid App Design
  • Hybrid App Development
  • Hybrid App Testing
  • Hybrid App Maintenance
  • Hybrid App Code Audit

Cogneesol offers React Native app development services to enable businesses to incorporate time and cost-efficient features in their apps that provide superior user experience, code reusability and secure plugins. Our end-to-end React Native app offerings include:

  • React Native Development
  • React Native Migration
  • React Native Consulting
  • React Native Support & Maintenance

Web Application Development

Cogneesol offers a suite of web application solutions for both B2B and B2C clients. We help you with design nuances, develop web applications that fit into your brand values and business strategy

Our vast and talented pool of IT and graphics personnel are specialists across tools and platforms who help give your web applications the razor-sharp edge they need to succeed in the market

  • Comprehensive AngularJS Development integrated with diverse server-side technologies such as ASP.NET, JAVA/JSP, PHP, etc
  • Hybrid Application Development
  • Content Management Tools Development and Maintenance
  • AngularJS Native App Development
  • Responsive Web Portal Design
  • Industry Specific Website Development
  • Custom Java Web Application Development
  • Java Migration Services
  • Java Mobile Web Application Development
  • Progressive Web App Development Services
  • Java frameworks like Spring Boot, Hibernate, Vert.X etc.
  • Rest and GraphQL API’s
  • JavaScript Development Services
  • ERP Development
  • E-commerce Development
  • Enterprise Mobile Application Development
  • Responsive Website Development
  • NodeJS Development Services
  • ReactJS Development Services
  • Customized Web Development Services
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Web Application Development
  • CMS Portal Development
  • PHP Rapid Application Development
  • Laravel Application Development Services
  • NET Web Development Services
  • .NET Mobile App Development
  • .NET Integration
  • .NET Web App Development
  • E-commerce platform Development
  • C# Development
  • WordPress Web Development Services
  • Joomla Web Development
  • Drupal Web Development
  • WooCommerce Devlopment
  • Kentico Development
  • Shopify Web Design and Development
  • Magento Web Design and Development
  • BigCommerce Web Design and Development
  • OpenCart Web Design and Development
  • Prestashop Web Design and Development

UI/UX Design

Cogneesol’s team of experts create flawless and fluid web designs, web applications and mobile applications for across business categories. Reach out to your customers and business associates with fascinating user designs and interfaces for your brand and products / services, boosting your RoI.

  • Responsive application design and development
  • Responsive web design and UI development for devices
  • Consultation for responsive website development
  • Responsive design for mobile compatible with all browsers
  • Migration from static web design to responsive design
  • E-commerce Website Design
  • Responsive Web Design Services
  • CMS Custom Theme Design
  • ERP and CRM Portal Design Support
  • Mobile Custom Designs
  • Mobile SEO
  • Mobile Web Application Development
  • Mobile Web Social Media Integration
  • Mobile Ecommerce Capabilities

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