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A Canada-based IT Firm Case Study

Our client is an IT service provider company based out of Canada employing more than 1500 employees. The client is an established IT firm renowned across North America and was handling hundreds of projects when contacted us for support with a few challenging ones.

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The Business Challenges

The Core Challenge – Since the client experienced a sudden increase in projects, recruiting and training IT professionals on an urgent basis became a massive constraint for the client.

Cogneesol was expected to build a team of skilled IT professionals that we could integrate with the client’s in-house team.

It wasn't easy for us to deploy the best from our talent pool to handle the challenging projects. We needed to choose professionals who could efficiently and quickly adapt to a frequently changing working environment.

Our team was expected to fulfill both front-end and back-end requirements.

The client also expected us to ensure a steady workflow which means we could not involve the clients’ other staff members while working on these assigned projects.

Cogneesol provided optimum IT support when and where we needed it. We are much thankful for their excellent solutions and quality services.

Our Solutions

Having significant experience in the IT outsourcing sector, Cogneesol determined several challenges and started working on solutions. We ensured compliance with the client company’s operational and project management standards and made sure all processes were handled transparently.

We started the project with a well-founded plan.

We picked our best-experienced, project-suitable resources to ensure the higher flexibility necessary to adapt to changing working environments.

Since a couple of projects involved high complexity levels and we were required to use some legacy systems, we took a little time to address these challenges. Soon, we provided our staff the essentially-required detailed knowledge about conventional IT tools and cloud-based software.

Besides, we conducted frequent training sessions for our teams to utilize the client's technology subscriptions at their best and bring the desired results.

The Impactful Results

The results were quite impressive.

Successful integration of the client’s staff and our resources led to seamless project execution and workflow.

We handled the project efficiently with the help of our wisely-selected professionals, which ensured that the client doesn’t need to deploy more of their staff in between the on-going projects.

The lines became blurred between both teams; however, with proper training and knowledge delivery, both teams cooperated very well and came on the same page in a very short period, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity, which further helped to complete the projects on time and satisfy the client.

Client Testimonials

It is always a pleasure to learn that the work we do has positively impacted our clients and that they are happy to share their experiences.

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