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Analytics Solutions

In an increasingly digitized world, individuals, institutions, and industries generate huge swathes of data every second. When collated, analyzed, and interpreted correctly, these raw data sets can turn into actionable insights that have the potential to enable quick, informed, and efficient decision-making. From customer behavior to factory downtime, from complaint resolution to network maintenance, from personalized healthcare to banking management, analytics can create optimum solutions to tackle redundancies and inefficiencies.

Cogneesol offers its clients an array of analytics solutions across industries and verticals for positive business outcomes. Our team of expert data analysts and data scientists harness data across ecosystems to generate insights-driven solutions.

“Cogneesol has helped us streamline our business data into insightful information. Month-on-month, these insights help us to make business decisions easily and quickly.”

- A Healthcare Business, Detroit, MI

Our Analytics Services

We navigate our clients from where they are to where they aspire to be. We do it by empowering their businesses with digital at scale to deliver unprecedented levels of performance. Our always-on learning agenda drives their continuous improvement.

Finance Analytics

In an ever-changing market, CFOs are tasked with maintaining their organization's financial health through profit maximization, cost efficiencies, and optimal use of working capital. Alongside sturdy policies and processes and strong financial governance, CFOs also need the help of critical data analytics for opportunity assessments and decision making. Cogneesol’s end-to-end finance analytics services can help your financial planning and analysis team be ‘data-ready’ at all times across the finance functions. We offer:

  • Payables Analytics
  • Cash-flow Analytics
  • Collections Analytics
  • Working Capital Analytics
  • Profit & Loss Account Analytics
  • Balance Sheet Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Perhaps nowhere is analytics more widely used today than in marketing. Smart data analytics provide marketers not only with powerful insights for marketing campaigns but also provide sound options to optimize return on investment. Cogneesol’s data analytics for marketing suite will help your team gain better customer insights, analyze trends, identify a target audience, etc. Our services include:

  • Market Segmentation Analytics
  • Digital Marketing Analytics
  • Web Analytics
  • Marketing Models Analytics
  • Advertising Analytics

Human Resource Analytics

In an evolved business landscape, the human resource functions of organizations have come to assume significant importance with respect to personnel management, employee learning and development, and succession planning. Human Resource (HR) Analytics provides a potent tool in the hands of the HR department to attract, manage, develop, and retain talent optimally. Cogneesol’s HR Analytics offerings will provide you with data-driven insights about pay, engagement, performance, and productivity. Our HR Analytics offerings include:

  • Recruitment Analytics
  • Pay-Parity Analytics
  • Performance Analytics
  • Employee Turnover Analytics
  • HR Policies Analytics
  • Learning and Development (L&D) Analytics

CRM Analytics

Cut-throat competition makes optimal customer relationship management (CRM) a crucial aspect of business success and growth. CRM Analytics has come to play a significant role in CRM strategies since they provide an insights-driven advantage to manage and grow customer relationships, streamline processes, maximize customer service, thereby increasing customer base, revenue, and profitability. Cogneesol provides an array of CRM Analytics services that will provide you with insights for sales and business decisions. Our services include:

  • Customer Acquisition Analytics
  • Customer Retention Analytics
  • Sell Model Analytics
  • Deal-cycle Analytics
  • Recurring Revenue Analytics

Production Analytics

Manufacturers, across sectors and geographies, are under immense pressure to optimize production costs and profits and minimize losses by streamlining processes and making them lean and efficient. They have come to rely heavily on production analytics to show them the underuse of raw materials, underutilized methods, machines, and supply-chain insights. Cogneesol’s suite of Production Analytics can help production teams and shop floors ‘do more with less’ and has the potential to boost the productivity and profitability of their operations. Our services include:

  • Predictive Machine Maintenance analytics
  • Procurement Analytics
  • Supply-chain Analytics
  • Input-to-Yield Analytics
  • Operations Analytics

Digital Analytics

A proliferation of digital media over the last decade has resulted in netizens leaving a flurry of footprints of their activities online. This huge data floating in websites and mobile applications give deep insights into customer preferences and buying behavior. Organizations cannot afford to disregard these data mines for their business decisions. Cogneesol understands the digital space and offers comprehensive analytics services to glean valuable customer insights for its clients. Our services include:

  • Social-media Analytics
  • Video-marketing Analytics
  • Email-campaign Analytics
  • Content Marketing Analytics

Fraud and Risk Analytics

In a world of accelerating online presence, fraud and crime have become a grim reality. Strengthening of fraud risk management programs has, therefore, become imperative for organizations, institutions, and governments alike. Cogneesol provides wide-ranging fraud risk assessment and analytics services to identify anomalies, patterns, and trends and thereby helps in deducing potential fraud and risk to enterprises and their functions. Our services include:

  • Financial Services Risk Analytics
  • Transactions Fraud Analytics
  • Cyber Risk Analytics
  • Insurance Claims Fraud Analytics
  • Contract Risk Analytics

Regulatory and Compliance Analytics

Worldwide, organizations are investing heavily to fortify their internal controls and their regulatory and compliance mechanisms. Analytics has come to play a significant role in enabling enterprises to pre-empt non-compliance that can otherwise cost millions in regulatory and penal fines. Cogneesol arms organizations with regulatory and compliance analytics that can identify potential ethical misconduct, both wilful and unwilful. Our services include:

  • Master Data Management
  • Data Governance Analytics

Healthcare Data Analytics

A large-scale digital transformation of the healthcare industry and resulted in a data boom across parameters, be it diseases, patients, trends, outreach programs. Analytics has, therefore, assumed great significance to make sense of the data deluge and to put forth actionable insights. Cogneesol offers end-to-end data healthcare data analytics to help improve patient care programs, optimize costs, maximize existing processes. Our services include:

  • Services and Wellness Analytics
  • Physician Scheduling
  • Policy Management
  • Donor Engagement Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Companies now comprehend the importance of using large data sets containing customer feedback, preferences, buying behavior and patterns, etc., to understand market trends. Our data experts can help companies collate data using multiple sources and analyze it to obtain crucial insights for improving operational efficiency/productivity, product/service quality, customer service/experience, leading to higher profitability. Our services include:

  • Big Data Consulting
  • Big Data Implementation

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