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We enable organizations save mammoth time and money through our cost-effective and high-quality form processing solutions.
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Forms Processing Services

Cogneesol, a world-recognized outsourcing company, can help convert image-based and hard copy forms into digital formats throughout the spectrum of industries such as transport, insurance, travel, finance, research, and banking.

We have worked with different clients on various projects and processed a considerable number of forms in the past few years. We can scale up when required to process even a higher number of forms than we currently do. We ensure maintaining nearly 100% accuracy while achieving all of that.

We, at Cogneesol, use various automated and manual processes to interpret, capture, process, and transform disconnected data forms such as machine print, handprint, and cursive into assets for your business.

Forms Processing

"We simply transmit our forms electronically. Cogneesol takes care of their complete processing and updating the database!"

- A Real Estate Firm, San Antonio, TX

Our Forms Processing Back Office Services

Mainly Comprising Of

  • Retrieval of Documents
  • Design of Forms
  • Warehousing of Documents
  • Preparation of Documents
  • Manual Capture of Forms Data
  • Automatic Capture of Forms Data
  • Scanning of Forms

Forms We Handle

  • Mail Orders
  • Accident Reports
  • Tax Returns
  • Market Research
  • Loan Applications
  • Airway Bills
  • Surveys
  • Medical Claims
  • License Forms
  • Enrollment/Application Forms
  • Subscriptions
  • Medical Product Orders
  • Legal Forms
  • Census Forms
  • Resume Forms
  • Medicine Sample Requests
  • Legal Documents
  • Change of Address
  • Rental Forms
  • Mortgage Claims
  • Lab Testing Forms
  • Coupon Redemptions
  • Registration Forms
  • Passport Applications
  • Inventory Control Sheets
  • Credit Card Applications
  • Rebate Forms
  • Patient Registrations
  • Insurance Claims
  • Health Claims
  • Questionnaires
  • Information Requests
  • Product Registration Forms

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Our Key Differentiators

Why Choose Cogneesol for Forms Processing Services?

Your return on investment can be affected rather dramatically on account of in-house processing costs that can be very high. When you let us provide you with forms processing services, you can use your resources for more productive purposes.

The rate of accuracy that we can provide you with is among the highest in the industry, as we have substantial expertise. Our experts deliver results on time and help you save a considerable amount of money in processing fees. You don't have to invest in software or hardware, and your documents are secure with us as we apply the strictest measures for the purpose.

We help streamline your processes for handling forms and apply only the latest technology. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and scope of your projects.

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