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IT Infrastructure

Server & IT Infrastructure Management Solutions

IT infrastructure is the very backbone on which enterprises run. Growing in sophistication and futuristic by the day, it is therefore getting exceedingly important to have sturdy server and IT infrastructure management solutions that not only cater to the growth plans of the organization, but also fortify it from all glitches and cyber threats.

Cogneesol offers an array of solutions that will help you run your IT infrastructure smoothly and efficiently, preventing and minimizing downtime on the one hand, and will also make it stable and agile on the other hand in order to swiftly respond to future needs. Our IT experts can help you plan your IT infrastructure optimally and advice you on consolidation of data centers, server virtualization, smart digital storage, devices and applications, thereby increasing efficiencies and rationalizing costs.

“Cogneesol’s IT solutions have transformed our IT infrastructure performance”

Server & IT Infrastructure Management Services

Cogneesol helps you with a cohesive plan for the entire gamut of your IT infrastructure covering devices, servers, applications, networks, storage, physical and virtual facilities, software etc. Our experts manage your infrastructure in line with your overall policies, strategies and goals.

Web and Application Server Support/Management

Our web and application server solutions include configuration, security management, hardening, load balancing for open source web/ application servers.

  • Apache Server Support
  • Nginx Server Support
  • Tomcat Server Support
  • IIS Management
  • LiteSpeed Web Server Support

Database Consulting Services

Cogneesol’s database consultants offer efficiencies in enterprise technology setup and migration across self-managed databases, DBaaS, IaaS, PaaS, commercial, open-source databases

  • Database Health Assessment
  • Database Backup Plans
  • Database Support Services

Server Support

Our server support solutions include support for hardware, software, operating system, corrective maintenance, backup, data recovery, file restorations, sharing and spooling.

  • Windows and Linux server management
  • Server optimization
  • Server consultation
  • 24/7 coverage

IT Remote Support

Cogneesol offers IT Remote Support to diagnose, trouble shoot and resolve issues across systems, technologies and operating systems using the latest applications.

  • Remote desktop applications
  • Software configuration
  • Network troubleshooting

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