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Underwriting Services

For insurers, underwriting and policy administration functions are crucial for business growth while securing it from unnecessary risks. The functions require top-notch skills in risk analysis, data crunching, and information review for an elaborate evaluation of available policies for suitable insurance coverage.

Considering that these require niche expertise and considerable time, our team of underwriting support and policy administration experts at Cogneesol specialize in optimizing underwriting functions with customized operating models that reduce costs, create capacity and add value.

With wide-ranging global experience, we offer the complete gamut of underwriting support and policy administration services including channel support, premium calculations, policy checks and validation, endorsements, renewals and quotes, reconciliations, billings, and even refunds.

Insurance Agency

"Cogneesol is literally our right arm in managing our underwriting and policy administration services!"

- North American P&C Insurers

Our Underwriting Support Services

  • New Business
  • Underwriting Support
  • Channel Support
  • Quotes
  • Premium Calculations
  • Sales / Quotes acceptance & Conversion
  • Policy Issue
  • Policy Checking including Verification / Validation
  • Name / Owner / Address Changes
  • Certificate Re-issue
  • Lapses
  • Adjustments / Endorsements / Rider & Coverage Changes
  • Renewals and Quotes
  • Cancellations
  • Remittance exceptions
  • Reconciliations
  • Refunds
  • Billing
  • Premium Mode Change
  • Bank Changes
  • Premium Audits
  • State Filing
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Our Key Differentiators

Our Excellence in Underwriting Support Services

Cogneesol is a name to reckon with in the underwriting services market. We are known for our optimized operating model across complex product lines reducing costs and driving value, service quality, pricing, and ease with which insurance providers can work with us.

  • Our underwriting support services help deliver cost arbitrage to the tune of 50-60%. We have been working with a number of clients across the regions, and have delivered quantifiable benefits, labor cost reduction, and process efficiencies for each of them.
  • We guarantee a dedicated team of experts for our clients’ underwriting outsourced scope of work. This team ensures SLA and quality compliance at all times through the length of the engagement.
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