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Bill Of Lading Processing Services

The capability to ship goods in a well-timed manner is often essential for the prosperity of a business; nevertheless, many companies become unable to process Bill of Lading documents effectively, which hinders their supply chain and decreases the shipment speed. With more than 14 years of expertise and processing a multitude of BOLs daily, Cogneesol bears the capacity to consolidate BOL data entry and improve your logistics procedures' efficiency.

What is Bill of Lading?

A bill of lading is a document that determines the terms and conditions of an agreement between a shipper and a transportation firm, under which freight is required to be moved between stipulated destinations, for a set price. It functions as a receipt, an agreement of carriage, as well as a document of title to the products.

Bill Of Lading Processing Services

"Bill of Lading preparation is critical to the success of our shipping business. Cogneesol handles it with zero errors."

- A Shipping Company, Stockton, CA

How Does Cogneesol Handle Bill of Lading Data Entry?

We offer our know-how of the bill of lading data entry and assist in standardizing the bills of lading to ensure the shipper, the carrier, and the buyer (the consignee) of the goods obtain the correct data required for goods processing.

When it comes to the bill of lading data entry procedure, we adhere to a series of clear-cut steps, which are:

  • We obtain scanned bills of lading from the client's hosting server.
  • Our specialist data entry team then commences the data extraction procedure collecting details like freight bill number, day and time of shipping, weight, number of shipping units, description, shipper and consignee details, and instructions regarding freight, C.O.D amount, etc.
  • All mandatory fields incorporated into the scanned bill of lading forms are cautiously examined and thereafter recorded into a particular electronic layout.
  • Verification and auditing of the bills of lading for just about any kind of inaccuracies are performed.
  • The bill of lading, which has been digitized, approved, and audited, is now ready to be uploaded on the client's server.
  • Feedback and suggestions of the client are taken for further improvements or the desired changes.

The bill of lading form happens to be modified by the majority of shippers to tailor it in-line with the carrier's demands and the consignee for planning and unloading of the goods.

The typical bill of lading document and recommendations deal with these kinds of variations, consequently lowering processing time and keeping up with the bills' exactness.

These days, the bill of lading acts as an essential document in shipments, mainly because it is utilized for the planning and documentation of shipments and key in the carrier Electronic Data Interchange transactions.

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Our Promise in Bill of Lading Data Entry Services

Cogneesol helps with the bill of lading entries to facilitate the quicker and more efficient movement of goods and data for logistics and transportation businesses.
  • We, by and large, make use of modernized technology.
  • We cherish our clients and their requirements for premium business solutions.
  • Fantastic services with regards to quality and expectations.
  • Our communication is excellent; we offer round-the-clock customer service.
  • We carry out end-to-end client support and assessments at all levels.
  • We engage in meetings at each stage of the project for improved coordination and superior advancement.
  • We focus on clients' privacy and guidelines regarding the project.
  • Our service costs are economical.

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