De-risking Carriers with Comprehensive Loss Runs Processing Solutions
We bring the best-in-class loss runs processing solutions that can lower your risks significantly and bring cost arbitrage.

Insurance Loss Run Processing Services

Insurance every now and then, insurance agencies across the globe are busy trying to obtain loss runs, possibly to cater to requests for renewals or for fresh insurance applications. Time has a crucial part to play in the overall process of getting insurance loss runs. The most optimal way to get insurance loss run reports in a timely manner is to opt for outsourcing the complete process to an external company.

We, at Cogneesol, have more than 16 years of experience in helping global insurance agencies as well as brokers’ process the loss run reports, promptly and effortlessly. We work hand-in-hand with the insurance carriers in lieu of the potential customers or existing agencies, which assists us in processing loss run requests on time.

Loss Runs Processing Services

"The loss runs experience that Cogneesol bring to the table has helped us grow our business manifold!"

- An Insurance Carrier, Indianapolis, IN

Our Insurance Loss Run Processing Services

  • File loss run report requests or reminders to companies
  • Extract loss run details for helping in the renewal of policies
  • Receive and analyze reports
  • Study loss runs and prepare claims’ reports
  • Submit claims reports during non-availability of reports
  • Inform underwriters regarding the absence of loss runs
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Our Key Differentiators

Our Expertise in Loss Run Processing Services

Our team can easily get insurance loss runs processed on any of the client’s software, instantly and correctly.

We help you in the identification of data that is not accurate and claims that are void, making it easier for you to notify your customer on aspects impacting their insurance premium. Our team can assist you with a comprehensive analysis of every policyholder’s loss run report, facilitating them in determining the best way to save on premiums.

In the instance of major loss reports, which are generally brimming with details, we help you arrange the data in an organized manner. Our solution for insurers assist them in processing new businesses considerably faster and conceivably retain a lot more clients.

Client Testimonials

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