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We help businesses in the telecom sector optimize investments, improve revenues, reduce costs, heighten customer experience, and devise smart go-to-market strategies.
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Telecom Outsourcing Services

Our back-office management solutions assist telecom companies in establishing a flexible strategy to acquire and retain more customers, optimize current investments, and manage cost pressures by accessing specialized resources.

Amid growing requirements for operational improvement and technology utilization, performance challenges and growth management become a major issue and demand greater focus. Businesses need to reevaluate and transform operational models from traditional to modern.

At Cogneesol, we can help you take this valuable shift. We possess several years of relevant experience and have the in-depth industry expertise required to make the customer experience profitable and valuable while covering the end-to-end spectrum of communication.

"Cogneesol streamlined our billing and standardized our processes in a manner that brought down our overheads!"

- A Telecom Business, Cleveland, OH

Our Telecom Back Office Services

Acquisition of Customers

  • Customer Data
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Add-on Sales
  • Prospect Management
  • Sales Negotiations
  • Education and Qualification of the Customer


  • Porting Support
  • Fulfillment of Orders
  • Provisioning and Order Management
  • Account Management and Administration

Servicing of Accounts

Billing and Revenue Assurance

  • Management of Frauds
  • Account Consolidation and Updates
  • Inquiries related to Billing

Sales and Support

  • Multilevel Technical Support
  • Customer Service

Receivables and Collections Management

  • Early Stage
  • Late Stage
  • Credit Limit/Expiration
  • High Usage Management
  • Inbound Calls for Internal Handoff


  • Customer Profitability Analysis Cost to Save
  • Saves and Retention
  • Customer Profiling and Plan Analysis
  • Resolution of Disputes
  • Retention/Loyalty Programs
  • Raising Customer Awareness for Chosen Plan
  • Data Mining/Data Capture
  • Renewal of Contract
  • Increase Tolling

We can also help you successfully bundle communication packages in the following:

  • Traditional long-distance and local telephone services
  • Cable
  • Handheld computers and smartphones
  • Paging
  • Mobile phones
  • DSL and broadband

Quality Assurance (QA) Services

  • QA Services for Installation, Telecom Industry, including provisioning and assignments
  • QA services for all channels – Calls, Chat, Email, Backend Transactions
  • QA services for Inbound, Outbound, Sales, Customer Service, Collections, Front Office, Back Office, Business to Business, and Business to Customer.

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Why Choose Cogneesol?

To endure the frequently occurring economic uncertainty, which leads to an unstable environment, the telecommunications industry has been looking at out-of-the-box solutions.

To win against market odds, telecom industry leaders are moving toward trusted companies offering quality back-office management solutions.

We, at Cogneesol– a leading telecom BPO company, offer customized and creative solutions based on our expertise, experience, and your requirements. We align with your company's culture and meet your needs by creating innovative, effective, and different subscriber experiences.

We provide you with comprehensive solutions based on our customized approach and thorough understanding of the telecom industry. Irrespective of the service or product, we ensure excellent subscriber experiences.

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