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The Client:

The client is a US-based (California) law firm that manages property-related legal matters and helps their customers file complaints/cases for different types of conflicts between owners and tenants.

The Client


The client was having difficulties in clearing the backlog of complaints for tenants in cases concerning illegal increase in the rent, relocation assistance fee for no-fault eviction, and low-quality premises. Besides, it was challenging for the client to draft complaints about Damages & Equitable Relief, Breach of Express Contract and Implied Contract, Violation of Civil Code §1942, and Declaratory Relief.

We are thankful to Cogneesol for their continuous support, helping us clear months-old backlog within a few weeks.


We drafted complaints on behalf of tenants for Damages & Equitable Relief, Breach of Express Contract and Implied Contract, Violation of Civil Code §1942 and Declaratory Relief in the matters related to illegal Rent Increase, illegally converted rented premises by the landlord (LAMC §12.26(E) (1), Substandard Premises rented unlawfully by the landlord and Premises which are found to be Substandard within the meaning of Cal. Health & Safety Code § 17920.3. The Complaints include the claim for Tenant Relocation Assistance Fees in case of eviction for no-fault reasons.

We drafted complaints in accordance with the updated Rent Stabilization Ordinances (RSO). We took information regarding the property from the website of County Assessor, Department of Building and Safety, and The Housing and Community Investment Department. The Property Activity Report had also taken into consideration while drafting complaints.

Along with the complaints, we also drafted Interrogatories, Coversheet Addendum, civil case cover sheet, Summons, Instructions to the opposite Attorney or Litigant regarding case filing, and researched county assessor website the owner of the subject property and search for Assessor's identification number of the property. We managed case files on One Drive and Dropbox. We also drafted Notice of Ruling.

Besides, we managed the calendaring of pending case status on the Google Calendar.


Quality work: One of the significant success points is the delivery of quality work. Our internal process is focused on quality at both the process and the review and delivery levels.

Round the Clock Support: We have well-trained teams working in two shifts, enabling the client to have a fast turnaround time and smooth operations.

Cost Savings

Increased Efficiency: Since there is a team working during the US working hours, there has been constant interaction amongst the teams to streamline the process, which led to more efficiency.

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It is always a pleasure to learn that the work we do has positively impacted our clients and that they are happy to share their experiences.

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