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We work hand-in-hand, as ONE TEAM with our clients to design and execute business solutions that are agile, innovative and futuristic.
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Why Cogneesol?

In our hyper digital times, businesses, big and small, are on an accelerated pace to reinvent their operations and transform. Operating models are being redrawn to harness the full potential of digital technologies. The goal for industries, across the globe, is to amplify their customer responsiveness delivering exceptional experiences and outcomes.

Cogneesol offers its clients the perfect partnership that enables them to rethink and reshape their business operations establishing resilient processes that can outdo market competition. We leverage years of domain expertise and harness latest technologies to transform transactions-centric organizations into strategic players, building agility and transparency into their business functions, helping them achieve complete compliance and manage risks.

We, at Cogneesol, operate as equal stakeholders to drive the efficiency and success of your processes. The aim is to be your long-term strategic partner, help you achieve your goals and be future-ready at all times.

why cogneesol

"Starting from transactions, processes, and going up to our business objectives, they have helped us reinvent ourselves."

- An Insurance Agency, Knoxville, TN

Enabling You to Make an Impact

Cogneesol works on the premise of collaboration and partnership with its clients. We are committed to delivering success, productivity and efficiencies for all the business processes we service, thereby enabling our clients to be profitable and dynamic in their marketplace.

Best-fit Bespoke

We draw on our domain expertise and technical knowledge to build best-fit solutions for your processes. Customized for your eco-system and business dynamics, our solutions make processes agile and future ready.


We have best-in-class technology with built-in, committed productivity gains. Our people are adept at handling the latest tech changes in the market to bring you the best and to help you stay ahead.

Scientific Transition Methodology

Our team of expert professionals work towards the smooth transitioning of your processes through time-bound due diligence, exhaustive documentation and training, and well-established transition phases. With Cogneesol, there is never any latency.

Valuable Actionable Insights

We aid in performance evaluation of client processes using internal and external benchmarking for your business. This helps you in taking strategic business decisions, making the processes best-in-class and fit for competition.

Global Client

Our exposure to clients across industries and regions globally give us the experience and expertise of local laws and regulations, region-specific business behavior, thereby making us smart providers across service categories.

Proven Security and Compliance

Cogneesol’s services and solutions come with highest levels of inbuilt security and compliance capabilities. Our monitoring and controls cover all applications keeping your business strongly secured at all times.

Time and Cost

We bring to our clients the power of rapid requirement assessment, design and deployment. With exhaustive tests and documentation along the way, we believe in ‘getting it right first time’ so that there is no time and cost overrun.

Flexible Pricing

We understand that no two business function is same. Accordingly, we offer pricing models that are flexible in every way - from scope and rates to scale. Our solutions suit your needs and your budget.

Every Business is Unique. Find Out How We Can Help Yours.

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We Are Different

Yes, we are different! Our clients are not ‘clients’ for us; they are our partners! We are equal stakeholders in driving the streamlining of business operations and making them effective and efficient. Cogneesol’s team takes full ownership of service level agreements, and near and long-term goals of clients, drives them with complete rigor bringing significant value to the client’s business.
  • Deep Industry Experience
  • Timely Completion of Your Projects
  • Professional and Experienced Team
  • Competitive Costs
  • Solid Infrastructure
  • Impressive Results for Your Business
  • Round the Clock Operations
  • Assured Data Security & Confidentiality
  • A Simple Pricing Model
  • Dependable Customer Support

Our Pedigree Is Our Guide

Through 16 years of working with more than 500 clients from around the globe transforming their business functions, driving futuristic changes and building sustainable value, we, at Cogneesol, have built a formidable name for ourselves. It is this legacy that guides us in all our client engagements. It is our constant endeavor to outperform our own selves and set new benchmarks of service delivery.
brilliance & dedication
Brilliance & dedication
in everything we do
quality service
Quality service in
every engagement
adaptable & transparent processes
Adaptable & transparent
global team
Multi-cultural global
enhanced technology
Enhanced technological
active leadership
Active leadership in
all operations

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Client Testimonials

It is always a pleasure to learn that the work we do has positively impacted our clients and that they are happy to share their experiences.

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