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Construction Client Case Study

Our client runs a leading construction company based out of the USA. Having its roots back in 1985, the company has been helping millions of families get a comfortable place they can call their home. It also deals in home and commercial place developments. The company is renowned across the entire North American region.

construction digital marketing

The Business Challenges

Being a nationally recognized construction company, there was a need to enhance their digital footprint, especially in the world that was rapidly going digital.

They needed a highly-effective digital marketing strategy that could not just increase awareness but also bring leads.

The client hired us to bridge the gap between inactive online presence and quality web traffic that could result in generating new business through their website.

The client entrusted their company’s digital marketing to us with a clear statement that they wanted to make the most out of their available budget.

Their expectations primarily comprised of;

  • Driving awareness
  • Improving online visibility
  • Growing website traffic
  • Increasing online leads
  • Increasing revenue

We are thankful to Cogneesol for the tremendous work they have done by setting up a foundation for our online presence and awareness.

Our Solutions

We built various strategies for the client’s website SEO and to bring organic traffic. By following our strategies, we;

  • Addressed all 404 errors
  • Performed a Google penalty audit
  • Implemented an effective keyword phrase strategy in H1s, title tags, and meta descriptions for all pages
  • Added CTAs to pages that were underperforming
  • Improved internal linking

After that, we launched a result-driving link-building outreach campaign to grow their website’s authority and search visibility.

Under our paid search strategy, we;

  • Ensured all landing pages are optimized to deliver a seamless, user-friendly click-through experience
  • Increased bids and moved high-performing keywords into more targeted ad groups, resulting in an increased relevancy
  • Optimized targeting to bring qualified users

The Impactful Results

We successfully built the client company’s online awareness, driving quality traffic to their website; thus, we generated more leads and new business.

As the outcomes of our organic and paid search strategy, the client is experiencing excellent results.

Our digital marketing team’s efforts brought impressive results in the form of;

  • 29% increase in online conversions
  • 43% increase in organic conversions
  • 95% increase in paid search conversions

By getting impressive results, the client outsourced social media marketing to us, adding it to the on-going project of digital marketing. We quickly and efficiently built their social media profiles and worked on getting more connections across the industry and the world.

Client Testimonials

It is always a pleasure to learn that the work we do has positively impacted our clients and that they are happy to share their experiences.

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