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Managed Document Review Services

Document review constitutes the most crucial aspect of the eDiscovery process in a law firm or in a law department. It also tends to be the biggest component in cost of litigation since it is time-consuming and labor intensive. In their bid to reduce litigation costs, law firms and law departments have been on the lookout for sustainable document review services that are thorough, complete and swift, and which do not take a huge chunk of the budget.

Cogneesol’s full-suite managed document review services addresses the above criteria through a technically-proven workflow (includes the Privilege Log in Microsoft Excel or on a tool prepared as per the client’s requirements), delivering business value to clients. We review documents related to arbitration of civil matters, intellectual property law i.e.; patent, trademark litigations, internal investigations (Subpeona), Law of Tort , disputes and investigations etc., and our expertise in Relativity, Ringtail, Everlaw, Disco, and similarly other tools.

"Cogneesol delivers huge value-adds to our firm with their document review services. We have benefitted greatly!"

- A Law Firm, Sioux Falls, SD

Our Managed Document Review Services

  • Objective Coding: Making documents easier to find and study with simple indexes and search keywords. Objective Coding is a process of collecting or recording data from documents, such as date, author, recipient, type of documents, title, source, attachments, person's connection, exhibit number, Unitisation, etc.
  • Responsive Analysis: Determining the responsive status of documents for legal hearings
  • Confidentiality Review: Determining if documents are protected by confidentiality agreements
  • Privilege Analysis: Identifying privilege documents as per the protocol or case matter provided by the client, and preparing privilege logs (Client's specific).
  • PII & PHI: Performing Redactions including privilege redactions, PII (Personal Identifiable Information) redactions, PHI (Personal Health Information) redactions as per the client's requirement or as per HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) Act.
  • Due Diligence: Collating case information, defining case scope, and identifying and preserving related documents
  • Internal Investigations: Collecting, analyzing, reviewing and formatting to filter out relevant information.
  • Incident Response: Review documents to Identify PII, PHI, and Trade Secrets / Intellectual Property according to client guidelines and utilize extracted data to create a Notification List. Specialize in handling matters related to FERPA (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). 

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Our Document Review Workflow

We apply a process-driven approach in all our legal document review services to heighten the productivity and efficacy of document review, including recruiting technology, training, consecrated review facilities, and established project management practices.
  • Create search strings, search terms for persisting highlights for Responsiveness
  • Segregate documents which are already coded by the client
  • Conduct the sampling exercise of the documents (Sampling fives an estimate of Responsive percentage of the project).
  • Create batches for review
  • Prepare calibration sets or sample sets for the client on the same day when the review starts
  • Prepare query log / decision log when not sure about specific decisions for a particular document
  • Conduct daily checks on conflicts
  • Prepare consistency sheet on the total authorized population to check whether the documents of similar file name, subject name are correctly coded
  • Deliver the project

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