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Policy Checking Services

As a part of our offerings, our team detects missing information or discrepancies in the policies and follows up with the carriers to have them amended. Our seamless insurance policy review services will allow you to provide the maximum coverage to your clients in addition to saving substantial time and resources. Serving since 2008, we assist our clients in reducing standard handling times, training expenses, and slip-ups while improving service quality and profits.

Outsource insurance policy checking services to Cogneesol to verify new business or perhaps individual policies, same-carrier renewal insurance policies (verify terminology that might have changed from the previous to the subsequent year), renewal policies with a different provider, and much more.

"Cogneesol automated our less critical tasks and got us close to 40% cost savings."

- An Insurance Business, Coventry, England

Our Policy Checking Services

  • Reviewing customer’s paperwork and looking for missing/inadequate data
  • Submitting conclusions to underwriters regarding any kind of deficient or incomplete details
  • Entering/Validating the details of a customer for policy purposes
  • Filling out added information mandatory for creating the final policy
  • Loss runs request
  • Checking the policy standing
  • Reviewing policy accounting records
  • Policy quote, proposals and binders generation
  • Generating the final policy depending on underwriter's insight
  • Verification of the particulars between the quote, proposal, binder as well as policy
  • Authenticating and evaluating the adjustments asked by the client
  • Checking if those adjustments will impact the premium of the policy to vet those changes for approval
  • Accepting all kinds of adjustment demands from clients
  • Routing policies for adding the required changes

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Our Key Differentiators

Who We Serve

Car / Business Auto
Property & Casualty
General Liability
Inland Marine
D&O (Director & Office)
Liquor Liability
Professional / Personal Liability
Sexual abuse Liability
Employee Benefit
Workers Compensation

Our Policy Checking Process

Insurance carriers/wholesalers always remain busy following a series of verification procedures and performing other core operations. This is where Cogneesol steps in.

Our Process Overview:-

  • Receive policy document from the carrier/broker
  • Retrieve documents from centralized folder/software
  • Create or open an existing checklist
  • Comparison between policy, proposal, quote & binder
  • Update checklist with any differences in centralized folder/software
  • Email the difference to the carrier or/and asking for endorsements

At Cogneesol, we follow a unique strategy to design our policy checking outsourcing solutions that effectively streamline insurance checks and accelerate the entire process. Our insurance team has an extensive amount of domain expertise that helps them to comply with the international benchmarks of the insurance sector.

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