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Lacerte Tax Preparation Services

How often has tax return preparation turned out to be a complicated and painstaking job? With the growing complexity of tax laws and regulations, Intuit’s Lacerte software comes as an asset for experts and part-time tax preparers. Utilized by a large number of companies and regarded persistently among accountants and accounting firms as being one of the top tax solutions’ applications, Lacerte is an indisputable industry leader in its segment.

Lacerte professional tax offerings come in diverse variants, each catering to a unique segment. Individual, Partnership, Corporate, S Corporate, Fiduciary, Gift, Estate, Exempt, Benefit Plan in addition to State modules are a handful of the various variants in the marketplace.

Lacerte Tax Preparation

"Cogneesol has streamlined our tax computations in the Lacerte tax preparation software. They are experts!"

- A Food Processing Company, Nashville, TN

Lacerte Tax Preparation Benefits

  • Quick and secure tax preparation
  • Advanced diagnostics enable you to find errors with minimal interferences
  • Lacerte tax preparation software provides outstanding support and training
  • Worksheet-design contributes to fast input and a single mouse click navigation to forms
  • Time-saving capabilities like the Missing Client Data Function helps you stay productive
  • Deep form sets, as well as calculations, assist you in preparing the most complicated tax returns
  • Accessibility to online tax resources assists the clients in staying up-to-date on the recent federal tax policies

We Support Multiple Tax Preparation Software

With expertise in every tax software and platform, our team of highly skilled professionals offer fast learning curves and swift implementation of solutions.
Drake Software
Quickbooks software
Intuit ProSeries Software
Intuit Lacerte Software
Ultratax CS
Turbo Tax
ATX Tax Preparation Software
ProSystem fx Tax
Intuit Quicken

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Our Key Differentiators

Providing Lacerte Tax Preparation Services For

Form 1040 - For Individuals, Form 1065 - For Partnerships, Form 1120 - For Businesses and Firms

We make sure of the knowledge transfer and sharing of the extensive online tax sources we have access to, guaranteeing total transparency in the tax preparation methodologies. We strongly encourage our clients to comprehend tax processing and computation, in addition to e-filing methodologies and the tax software program commonly being used in the industry.

Furthermore, Cogneesol’s team of in-house tax specialists are fully aware of the US tax guidelines and the newest tax applications and tools, which put our clients at a heads up.

We promise to provide you with desired results and exceptional customer service, making you return to us for every tax preparation support in the future.

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