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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Cogneesol, corporate social responsibility is in our very DNA.

CSR is not mere compliance for us -- Our teams go beyond just the call of duty. Every employee of the organization shares a strong commitment towards the society, and are deeply committed to both communities around us and to our environment. Our focus is to undertake long-term goals and work towards achieving them in a measured and collaborative methodology with employees, clients, vendors and the overall community. We strive to do everything within our power to make it a better and sustainable world.

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Empowerment is our Mantra

At Cogneesol, simply giving does not excite us. We seek to create sustainable wellbeing, and hence have a wide variety of programs that empower communities.
skill development

Believing ardently that skill development is the only way to create aware, empowered and responsible societies, we at Cogneesol, have dedicated teaching hours at underprivileged schools.

women empowerment & employability
Women's Empowerment And Employability

Cogneesol ardently believes that in emancipation lies empowerment for underprivileged women. As a result, together as an organization, we have sustainable programs to educate women and train them in skills that make them employable.

menstrual hygiene management
Menstrual Hygiene

A vital aspect of hygiene for girls and women, we drive menstrual hygiene awareness and compliance by our programs consisting of knowledge, lifting the stigma, introduction to affordable and hygienic absorbents, and cleanliness sessions.

rural development

Rural development lies at the heart of Cogneesol’s commitment to the society. Through our in-house program, Apni Kheti, we have helped build irrigation facilities, strengthen agricultural practices, build and share best practices amongst the farming community.

child nutrition & health
Child Nutrition And Health

The goal is to raise healthy children so that they grow up healthy adults chasing their dreams in full earnest. Cogneesol has tied up with underprivileged schools for round-the-year monitoring of children and their nutrition management.

sustainable environment
Sustainable Environment Practices

In its deep commitment towards the environment, Cogneesol has, over the years, driven programs to nurture, create awareness and forge pledges towards sustainable and eco-friendly living.

partnership with ngos

Throughout the year, we work in partnership with local NGOs and drive our community programs including programs for skill development, women employability, menstrual hygiene, rural development and child nutrition.

donation programs

Giving is in the very nature of Cogneesol. As a result, we celebrate every festival including Lohri, Holi, Baisakhi, Dussehra, Diwali, and Christmas with clothes, food, medicine and utility items’ donations drive.

Core Values of Cogneesol



Cogneesol’s overall mission charter lays down, “Be a responsible corporate citizen by contributing to sustainable economic growth”.

We are guided by this charter at all times. It is our guiding spirit and helps us define areas in the social strata where we can work to make significant, meaningful and uplifting impact.



The social vision of the organization is to help build an equitable world that offers equal opportunities to all without any discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, gender or race. Our social programs are guided by this holy grail and therefore, work with an overarching inclusive approach to take all and benefit all.

core purpose

Core Purpose

With a deep culture of social responsibility and giving back to society, we, at Cogneesol, aim to:

Put our community on the growth path ensuring equity and fairness for every strata of the society.

Drive awareness on eco-sustainability and on lifestyle changes that are eco-friendly and help nourish nature and our surroundings.

Sustainable Social Impact

We dream of an equal world and hence drive to make sustainable social impact around us. We do not believe in doing anything that is short term. The process of giving back to the society is a well thought, well planned process to bring in maximum effect.

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How We Tackled the COVID-19 Situation

COVID-19 precautionary measures we are taking at Cogneesol:
  • Urgently arranged the work-from-home platform for all employees.
  • Our front-line workers who had to be present at the office premises were asked to follow complete precautions.
  • We regularly sanitized our entire office.
  • Made masks and hand sanitizers available at the office.
  • Improved seating arrangements to ensure social distancing.

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