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Blog » Cloud Key Trends & Predictions to Look at in 2021

Cloud Key Trends & Predictions to Look at in 2021

Last updated: 18 Aug, 2023 By | 6 Minutes Read

Cloud Key Trends & Predictions

The last year was challenging and somewhat troublesome for all businesses; mostly every firm was affected and has been through a sad and stressful time. But thanks to cloud technology played a crucial role in keeping most things running. 

Today, the cloud has become an ideal medium for businesses seeking flexibility and resilience. Many firms, in fact, have moved toward the cloud, transforming or shifting their IT infrastructure into it. 

Investing in cloud-based business solutions is not limited to moving from offline software to server-run software subscriptions. From a business point of view, cloud management services are no less than a strategic source for business process optimization and transformation through optimum utilization of the cloud. 

Cloud computing – businesses’ central focus in the post-pandemic era

Most companies (small or large) are likely to depend upon different types of cloud services in 2021 and beyond to achieve brilliant remote collaboration, operational excellence/continuity, and avoid disruptions in crisis-like situations like the recent global pandemic.

Cloud ComputingIT heads in enterprises will probably revise their cloud strategies, keeping in mind their digital transformation plans and the frequently changing COVID-19 trends. 

What Does The Data Reveal?

Most companies are expected to use both – public and private cloud, combining the two different cloud systems, often called hybrid cloud.
By 2020 more than 90% of global enterprises are likely to rely on hybrid cloud, as per a report released in March 2020. Source 

Another March 2020 survey conducted with IT leaders revealed that 97% of these professionals are planning to distribute workloads across multiple clouds. According to the surveyed IT leaders, there are three reasons behind this decision and planning.  

  • 63% are looking to maximize availability and reliability 
  • 47% are looking to fulfill regulatory and compliance requirements 
  • 42% want to leverage the best services from different providers 

Hybrid cloud computing Statistics Source 

IT leaders in companies across the globe need to develop a comprehensive and agile cloud strategy to reap all benefits of cloud technology. In this process, they may also need to keep an eye on the ongoing and fresh, emerging cloud trends. Thus, let’s discuss a few of them.

Cloud Trends to Look at in 2021

1. Edge Computing– Trending 

Cloud computing is now everywhere; companies are migrating their enterprise applications to the public cloud and are taking more cloud-oriented approaches in deploying several business functions. Moreover, with an increasing number of IoT devices, security risks are also growing that must be addressed proactively. As a result, companies are seeing edge computing as a medium to counter various threats. 

The adoption of edge computing is rapidly trending. It is a distributed computing model that can help in managing various applications’ deployment and functioning adequately. With this, companies can locally handle computing, data management, processing rather than depending upon centralized networks.  

2. Hybrid Cloud – Trending

The hybrid cloud market value is anticipated to grow from $45.70 bn to $128.01 bn between 2020 and 2025, at a CAGR of 18.73%.

Hybrid clouds nowadays contribute to developing multi-cloud business environments. A company can use multiple clouds (other than on-premise deployment), enabling them to share data and applications between the private and public cloud. 

For companies looking to enhance data security and gain more control over their data, a hybrid cloud can work wonders for them, all while helping them unlock agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. In addition, a swiftly accessible cloud environment can also help optimize company-wide efficiency and productivity.  

    3. Cloud ‘n’ AI – The Ultimate Combination – Trending 

    The IT sector is practicing the integration of AI and cloud computing, aiming to enhance enterprise operations, functioning, and productivity. Furthermore, this combination allows companies to improve, scale, automate, and manage business processes effectively. 

    Besides adding an additional shield of security, the integration of AI and the cloud can also be implemented to detect and eliminate problems proactively. Also, automating tedious or repetitive tasks on the cloud can result in the efficient management of hefty work burdens. AI global market revenue is projected to go beyond $300 bn by the end of 2021.

    AI software market worldwide from 2018 to 2025Source  

    4. Managed Cloud Services – Trending

    With the increasing adoption of cloud solutions and platforms by businesses, the demand for  business cloud support  is also growing. Reason being the cloud adoption and implementation complexities that companies are unable to resolve due to several reasons ranging from lack of knowledge, expertise to shortage of resources and time. 

    Having a reliable partner for cloud support is crucial for businesses facing challenges in tackling obstacles on their way toward complete utilization of the cloud.

    Cloud manager services market size, valued at $39.83 bn in 2020, is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.57%, reaching $117.65 bn by 2028.

    What’s Next?

    In the post-pandemic time, companies that successfully shift to the cloud are more likely to experience: 

    • Greater financial predictability 
    • Operational excellence 
    • Cost savings
    • Better customer relationships

    Cloud adoption will also enable organizations to bounce back and thrive in the new normal, which can result in;

    • Increased resilience
    • Business continuity – crisis management
    • More innovation possibilities
    • New service offerings

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