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Addressing Top 7 Tax Challenges Faced by CPA’s Today

Last updated: 28 Feb, 2022 By | 6 Minutes Read

Working environments in CPA firms are undergoing dramatic changes. This has led to the emergence of various challenges related to tax preparation for CPA’s. The accounting firms are trying their best to deal with these challenges and finding a way to enhance their business capacity. But without properly understanding the challenges, the right initiatives cannot be undertaken for solving them.

Below mentioned are some of the tax preparation challenges faced by CPA’s today: 

Collection of VAT

The increase in cross-border trade of goods and services makes it challenging to evaluate VAT. Especially in cases where products are purchased from suppliers based abroad. The increasing popularity of online shopping which allows people to make purchases without being physically present at the store is the main reason behind this phenomenon. This makes it difficult for the CPA’s to calculate the correct VAT for their clients.

Location Relevant Data Issues

The tax legislation in many countries and states is different. Due to the increasing number of cross-border services, it is becoming difficult for CPA’s to prepare the tax returns correctly. In cases where the customer and the supplier belong to different jurisdictions, it becomes difficult to interpret the data in the right manner to produce the desired results.

Policy Challenges

These challenges are concerned with data and characterization for direct tax returns. They are distinct in nature and often overrun each other. Over-dependence on data collection and analysis and the increasing importance of multidimensional business models make the valuation of data, nexus, and profit attribution difficult. The proper allocation of taxable income among locations is the solution to this problem.

New Business Models

The development of new business models asks questions related to the depiction of income. The emergence of new digital products or methods of delivering services creates difficulties with regard to the assessment of payments made for the new business models. The evolution of 3D printing has further complicated matters.

Changing Relationships with Clients

Handling the client’s demands are proving to be a major challenge for most of the CPA’s. It takes a lot of research and hard work to please the clients. Basically what has worked with one client could also work with another. Success generally depends on the coincidence of two people with similar ideas working with one another. The CPA’s will have to evolve their marketing methods to meet the expectations of clients.

Technology Issues

In a recently conducted business survey, about a third of the CPA reported that technology was a major challenge for them. Basically, the CPA’s are finding it difficult to find the right balance between client expectations and changing technologies. Accounting firms have to find a way to convert these challenges into business opportunities. Staying in touch with the technology changes and getting timely training is the answer to this problem.

Retaining & Hiring Good Staff

Talent acquisition has become a problem for CPA firms. Tax preparations is a task which requires proper expertise. But due to other more lucrative opportunities arising CPA Firms are finding it hard to retain and hire good talent. Creating a strong brand image can help in solving this problem as people mostly want to be associated with a popular brand where foresee growth in professional and financial terms. Not hiring proficient staff could lead to inaccurate tax preparation services which can lower the goodwill of the firm.

The Bottom Line

Whatever the challenges are, the factual thing after the research of several years of time is, Tax Preparation Services i.e. always going to be in huge demand. In order to succeed, the CPA’s should try to find a solution to all the above-stated issues. Firms who will find the answers will have an edge over their competitors.

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