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Blog » Don’t Get Overwhelmed: Outsource Tax Preparation Services This Tax Season

Don’t Get Overwhelmed: Outsource Tax Preparation Services This Tax Season

Last updated: 04 Jul, 2024 By | 6 Minutes Read

Outsource Tax Preparation

As the world is moving into a new year, businesses and accountants are busy collecting and organizing financials for tax accounting, and some may consider the option to outsource tax preparation to ensure a smooth and stress-free tax season. Also, the Internal Revenue Service frequently encourages taxpayers to take necessary actions in advance to file their taxes with no panic.

Tax filing is a financial and legal obligation and involves lengthy forms, calculations, strict rules and regulations, which consume a lot of time and resources. Many times, taxpayers even file for multiple extensions, or the IRS extends some tax due dates in certain situations.

However, as a business owner:

  • Are you aware of the most recent corporate tax amendments in the USA?
  • Are your accountants updated with the latest tax rates applicable to your business type? And if yes, do they get time for taxes after spending most of it performing tiring and time-consuming daily accounting chores?

If you or your team are already busy with core jobs, avoid getting overwhelmed this tax season and outsource tax preparation services to ensure accurate and timely tax returns.

Wondering if it’s worth investing? Read further to learn about the associated benefits.

A Brief Guide on Outsource Tax Preparation

The taxation complexities usually compel many taxpayers to seek external guidance and support with taxes by outsourcing tax preparation.

As per the IRS data, around 80 million taxpayers use tax professionals’ services to calculate and prepare their taxes.

If you are also planning to take the same step, you are advised to consider following the steps mentioned below.

  • Gather all the required financial documents
  • Collect information on the previous year’s tax returns
  • Assess your tax preparation requirements
  • Choose a reliable and experienced tax preparation service provider
  • Tell them about all possible tax credits in your knowledge

How Outsource Tax Preparation Relieves You of Tax Workload & Worries

Higher Accuracy, Greater Results

It can be daunting for you to gather and systematically organize all the essential information out of heaps of paperwork. Also, you need to have each document or the receipts of even minor transactions necessary for tax calculation.

Since you are not a tax expert, outsourcing tax preparation can help you streamline all the said tasks. Not only that, with proficiency and expertise in this field, your outsourcing partner ensures utmost accuracy in tax accounting, eliminating the chances of hefty penalties.

Compliance Assurance Keeps You Worry-free

The always-changing tax laws are no less than a challenge for business owners as well as accountants. Unfortunately, many in-house professionals aren’t up-to-date with the tax rules. Maybe due to a lack of time for education and learning amid hectic schedules.

However, outsourcing helps you sit stress-free as these service providers frequently run educational programs to keep their staff stay current. In addition, your outsourcing partner would be responsible for determining the new tax regulations typically applied to your business and ensuring complete compliance.

47% of taxpayers who outsource tax preparation say they don’t have to worry about knowing all the latest laws.

Opportunities to Minimize Tax Liability

Regardless of your business type and size, you are eligible to apply for various tax credits and deductions. Moreover, your finance team works in the office mostly crunching numbers with less or almost no exposure to tax planning strategies; they might not know how to save your taxes. An easy-to-apply tax cut can bring a difference in your capital.

Hence, if you haven’t tried outsourced tax preparation services, now is the time to explore this landscape. Your partner will do everything legally possible to maximize your refunds and minimize tax liability.

Never Miss the Tax Deadline

For you or an inexperienced accountant at your office might not be able to prepare taxes as fast as an expert can. Speed matters in tax preparation because you may face penalties if you fail to file taxes by the due date.

Therefore, taking help from a tax return outsourcing firm ensures you get your tax files way before the due date. Once you get your taxes well-prepared in advance, you can file your taxes on time, keeping all worries aside.

72% of businesses that outsourced tax work successfully filed their returns on time without applying for an extension.

Tax Relief Possibilities

If you realize you would be unable to file taxes by the due date, you may get the option to negotiate and have a payment plan or request for an allowance to pay a lower, estimated tax amount. The IRS has a tax resolutions process, and it may dismiss your penalties only if your cause is reasonable. But everything comes down to following the protocols, and here you need a tax expert’s support.

Dealing with the IRS to apply for tax relief can be challenging, and you may probably avoid it. However, an experienced tax return outsourcing service provider knows the ins and outs of the abatement process and can help you deal with the same effectively.

Manage Notice or Audit Effortlessly

When you face an IRS audit, you will most likely be unaware of what to do next. In addition, IRS notice and audit involves tough questions and negotiations you might not be ready for. Hence, to avoid such a panic situation, it would be best to have a competent tax outsourcing partner on your side who can represent you in case of an IRS audit.

    The IRS has a defined process for how you respond to an audit, and your tax preparer will know how to go about that. Besides, they have experience supporting clients get through such situations and communicate with the IRS proficiently and confidently, leading to outcomes going in your favor.

    Choose Cogneesol for Outsource Tax Preparation Services

    Since tax preparation is a complex process. If you want to free up yourself or your finance team from tedious, time-consuming, and labor-intensive tax work that requires a lot of focus and responsibility, you can consider joining hands with a tax return outsourcing company that will help you calculate your tax liability accurately and prepare your taxes timely.

    At Cogneesol, we have been preparing taxes for our client businesses across industries and the world since 2008. Our professional guidance and support help you ensure higher accuracy in calculations, maximum refunds, and IRS audit protection.

    We are a globally trusted tax preparation outsourcing firm and have stringent data security measures in place, keeping our client’s confidentiality and the security of their financial information intact.

    We have 100s of knowledgeable and skilled tax experts with an average experience of 15+ years. In addition, our customized and scalable solutions help you obtain services according to your changing tax prep requirements.

    Contact us today to learn more about us, our affordable tax preparation services, and pricing plans. Dial +1 833-313-3143 Or send an email to [email protected].