Mohit Sharma
Assistant Manager - Insurance Services at Cogneesol Inc.
Mohit Sharma, who graduated in IT, holds 9 years of experience in working on both the retail & wholesale aspects of insurance. His career began as a transportation underwriting assistant for policy issuance, endorsements, and cancellations. He played a key role in putting together policy issuance programs for Lloyd’s of London, binding contracts, and managing the issuance team of an insurance wholesaler based in Texas, US.
Mohit Joined Cogneesol in February 2011; with his vast experience in both personal and commercial insurance lines, he is responsibly managing several teams, handling all the processes included in policy management, quoting, and personal auto claims.
He values the relationships he has built throughout the years with his clients and mentors. Apart from being a passionate Cricket fan, Mohit enjoys spending time with his family and traveling with them even more.
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The Digital World Propels Insurance Companies to Re-Evaluate Their Operations!

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Does Digitalization Imply Business Profits for Insurance Sector?

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5 Commonly Overlooked Benefits of Insurance Accounting Software

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Top 4 Outsourcing Trends to Dominate in 2018

Undoubtedly, 2017 has been quite an exciting year for the outsourcing sector. At the beginning of 2017, there was both [...]

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5 Bookkeeping Myths Business Owners Believe to be True

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Drive Your Insurance Business By Outsourcing Policy Management Services

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A Survival Guide for Startup Insurance Business

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Top 10 Tips to Save your Insurance Agency from Becoming Insolvent

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Boost Your Business Revenue by Outsourcing Insurance – Infographic

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Policy administration system comprises of various important tasks like policy renewal services, filings with the state government websites, order loss [...]

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Insurance Back Office Outsourcing Myths vs. Facts – Busted!

Insurance businesses have attained prominence in recent times. Almost everyone requires insurance policies, so insurance companies are earning huge profits. [...]

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Secrets to Outsource Healthcare Accounting Services

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How Outsourcing Manufacturing Accounting Services are Beneficial for You?

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How Outsourcing Accounts Payable is a Necessity for a Business?

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5 Things You Need to Know About Insurance Accounting

Being an insurance agency owner, I’m certain you’ve put enormous time and effort into formulating and improving your business, trying [...]

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The Role Of Outsource Accounting for Insurance Businesses

In the current commercial environment, every business venture is looking for new ingenious ideas to maximize its profitability and reduce [...]

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What are the Major Roles of Accountants for Law Firms?

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A Quick Guide on Accounting for Insurance Companies

Accounting is an integral part of any business. It is essential for a business to maintain proper accounting records for [...]

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Top 10 Financial & Accounting Tips for Insurance Agencies

Like any other business enterprise, insurance agencies are also looking for new ways to optimize their business efficiency. The efficiency [...]

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What does an Insurance Administrator do for Insurance Agency?

In the modern business scenario, insurance companies have to face a variety of challenges like cut-throat competition and strict government [...]

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5 Tips to Choose the Most Reliable Data Management Services

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Tips and Tricks: Improve Productivity and Efficiency of your Insurance Agency

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4 Ways to Enhance the Bookkeeping Process Without Spending Extra Time

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Top Reasons for Hiring Outsourcing Commission Management Services

Outsourcing commission management services have become a trend in the insurance industry. Certainly, the advantages of hiring these services are [...]

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How to Effectively Manage Your Online Data Entry Tasks?

With the increase in data entry solutions, boring and ecologically unfriendly paper-dependent data recording activities have taken a back seat! [...]

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What Does it Cost to Outsource Your Tax Preparation Tasks?

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Insurance Outsourcing – A Simplified Solution to Improve Business Profits

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Use QuickBooks to Manage Your Real Estate Accounting

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A PreManual Before Opting for Outsource QuickBooks Accounting Services

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Why Outsourcing Restaurant Accounting Services Makes Sense?

In the restaurant industry, where capability and cost-cutting are crucial, restaurateurs face constant pressure to improve operations and boost earnings. [...]

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Restaurant Bookkeeping Services: A Time-Saving Business Solution for your Restaurant

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5 Major Financial Considerations for Restaurant and Hospitality Sector

The restaurant and hospitality sector is a vast field. But what makes it unique is the fact that there are [...]

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Restaurant Accounting Services
Do’s and Don’ts of Outsourcing Restaurant Accounting Services

In the present scenario, restaurants focus on growth and development, maximize revenue and profitability and reduce costs. This is the [...]

Insurance Policy Renewal Process
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Outsourcing Insurance policy management services to Cogneesol for better ROI

In the ever-evolving landscape of business operations, outsourcing insurance policy management stands as a unique and crucial concept. Unlike tangible [...]

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How to Ensure that Your Insurance Outsourcing Process is Feasible & Profitable?

Insurance outsourcing services are controlled by several factors; certain things having an immediate impact while some having an indirect impact [...]

Insurance Industry Outsourcing
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Insurance Sector: Outsourcing of Business Activities, Functions and Processes

The insurance sector, a cornerstone of financial services, has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. To adapt to the [...]

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Why Insurance Commission Management Services are Beneficial to Opt for Your Business?

Outsourcing commission management services has become new phenomenon in the insurance landscape. How? It is simple, the benefits of outsourcing [...]

Insurance Outsourcing
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How Outsourcing can Help to Maintain Regular Productivity for your Insurance Company?

How does outsourcing help the insurance company maintain productivity levels and retain its competitive edge? In today's business scenario, the [...]

Insurance Policy Renewal
Policy Management
Warning: You Might be Losing Money by Not Outsourcing Policy Management Services

Policy management constitutes a crucial element in the administrative functions of any business, projecting actions necessary to address future eventualities. [...]

Outsourcing Claims Administration
Claims Management
Reasons to Rely on Outsourcing Claims Administration

Insurance business relies on two core aspects. One is devising schemes to bring in more business and the other is [...]

Claims Management
How Outsource Insurance Claims Have Turned to be a Miracle for Insurance Firms?

There are times in life when decisions do not just seem to be correct. However, in the long run, they [...]

Insurance claims processing
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Outsource Claims Administration Minimize Work Pressure of your Insurance Company

Why would any insurance company want to outsource claims administration? The answer is not difficult to perceive. The insurance claims [...]

Insurance services for business outsourcing
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What Insurance Services Can a Business Outsourcing Company Handle?

Globally, insurance companies are facing severe/ serious challenges in coping with the current business scenario – recession, reduced margins, economic [...]

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Why Policy Management is More Important Than You Think?

Why insurance policy management holds so much importance and how does it help to facilitate a smooth administrative process? But [...]

Policy Administration Services USA
Insurance Services
Outsourcing Insurance Policy Administration Services Can Be Beneficial for You

Insurance Policy administration issues experienced by companies are not basically new. Tremendous documentation, massive bottlenecks, slow-moving workflows as well as [...]

Insurance Claims Processing
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How to Manage Insurance Claims Processing via Outsourcing?

An impressive 92% of respondents in a study believed that outsourcing insurance claims processing is the best solution to reduce [...]

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Are You Planning to Outsource Insurance Claims Processing Tasks?

The insurance sector suffers a lot during recession. It was struggling to cope with the common issues like bringing down [...]

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Insurance Services
Insurance Outsourcing- What You Need to Know About it?

There isn't a single industry, which has not been touched by the widening customer base of the outsourcing industry. The outsourcing industry continues [...]

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