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Blog » Why Choose Lacerte Tax Preparation Software?

Why Choose Lacerte Tax Preparation Software?

Last updated: 07 Feb, 2024 By | 6 Minutes Read

Lacerte Tax Preparation

If there is one accounting software that can stand the test of time, it is Lacerte Tax by Intuit. Over 30 years, it has continued to enjoy the confidence of accounting professionals because of its intuitiveness and constant upgrades. Even this year there has been a number of add-ons and developments that have increased substantially the ease of the electronic filing process and analysis of error diagnostics.

Lacerte tax preparation software is ideal for tax and accounting professionals like CPAs, and accounting firms. In this blog, we’ll discuss various features, especially data transfer speed from the accounting platform to tax flow worksheet:

In fact, Intuit quantifies in terms of saving time by using the latest additions.

What are the Main Features of the Software?

  • Speed of operations – Any overview of Lacerte will invariably begin with this. One of the main advantages is built-in tools that automate calculations, finalizing a tax return in a breeze. Further, the interface design allows direct access to almost 5,700 forms spanning federal, state, and other entities. The flat worksheet design facilitates quicker data entry. Added to this are the specific time saving features, all 27 of them, categorized into sections.

An example will prove this point. In the category “Filing Returns”, two features E-file Wizard and Estimates help to shave off 15 and 19 minutes respectively from preparation of returns. In the section “Billing”, the Export Billing feature itself saves 57 minutes per return by routinely generating client bills in Quick-books with data stored in the Lacerte tax preparation software.

  • Generation of Returns – Lacerte permits the printing of returns in PDFs that you can email to clients. But to ensure the security of the mail, a built in tool automatically generates a password that may either be the social security number or even employee identification number along with the ZIP code and encrypts the attachment in the mail. This feature was introduced by Intuit in 2012.

The specifications given here form a part of the overview of Lacerte only and are not to be taken as in in-depth review. There is much more to this incredible software as any accounting professional will vouch for.

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