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CPA Tax Preparation: Make Your 2022 Tax Season Effortless with Outsourcing

Last updated: 06 Jan, 2023 By | 6 Minutes Read

Running a CPA firm is a huge responsibility in itself that owners manage tremendously. However, as a CPA firm owner, you would most probably agree that tax season is one of the toughest times of your year. Just like every past year’s story, it brings along a wave of challenges, making it a difficult phase to go through.

Adding to the increased client demands and workload are lengthy working hours and tight schedules that can take a toll on you. You might not have noticed it, but somehow the peak tax season often;

  • Requires you to maintain a balance between client servicing & process monitoring
  • Arises the need to either train current employees or recruit experienced tax accountants

Here outsourced tax preparation comes as a savior for accounting and CPA firms. You can easily expand capacity and maintain healthy client-business relationships with outsourcing.

Let’s discuss this in detail and learn how;

Tax Preparation Outsourcing Makes Tax Season Effortless for CPAs and CPA Firms

Utilize Your Workforce Better While Reducing Costs

When you experience an increased flow of projects, especially during the tax season, you need to hire more people to manage the workload. Then you pay for their salaries, insurance, other perks and benefits, training, etc., apart from the cost of acquiring more space, desks, and desktops.

Later, when the workload decreases with the end of tax season, your revenue might also go down, but overhead costs might be the same as you would still be paying for employees you hired during the peak times.

Whereas many CPA firms prefer outsourcing tax preparation services or some tedious, time-consuming tax accounting tasks, freeing up staff and saving costs. Like many others, if your CPA firm also usually runs on a tight budget, outsourcing can be the best substitute for recruitment that helps you save on expenses.

Here’re how!

  • It is less expensive than the cost of employee onboarding and training
  • You can have short-term contracts with outsourcing firms or hire when in need
  • It helps you keep overheads controlled
  • It empowers you to utilize your in-house staff for other essential, value-adding jobs

Leverage Technology & Optimize Processes

Some CPA firms usually struggle to make optimum use of their systems and technology due to several reasons like lack of information or expertise, lack of software accounting experts, etc.

If you also face similar challenges, you may consider choosing tax preparation outsourcing as it empowers you to utilize your technology and accounting applications in the best possible manner. Tax outsourcing firms continuously provide education and training programs to develop their skill. Thus, they can help you make the best out of your accounting and tax software subscriptions, delivering benefits like;

  • Increased efficiency
  • Streamlined functionality
  • Enhanced workflow
  • Consolidated systems
  • Software cost management
  • Overall process optimization

Enhance Quality, Transparency, & Accountability

Your clients trust you for the quality you assure them. But sometimes, for example, in hectic times when your staff needs to manage multiple projects under the pressure of meeting deadlines, there are chances of inaccuracies that can lead to costly penalties.

To maintain your clients’ taking help from a trusted tax preparation outsourcing firm that leaves no stone turned when it comes to ensuring accuracy. Besides, with timely project-related reports, you experience an increased level of transparency that adds to determining accountability.

This helps ensure work quality (accuracy) to keep clients away from penalties or IRS audit.

Save Time & Use it for Business Growth

With additional external experts backing up your in-house team, optimized processes, and a clearly defined operating model designed by your tax return outsourcing partner, you free up your and your team’s valuable time. As most mundane and repetitive tasks are managed well with outsourcing, you can reconsider other crucial responsibilities and distribute them effectively to obtain better results.

For example, you or key players of your team can work on improving client handling, communication, and project management, improving their overall experience. What you can expect here is higher client loyalty and increased chances that they would refer your firm to their industry peers, friends, and knowns. That way, outsourcing helps you save more time and utilize it for business growth.

Reinvest the Saved Monitory Resources

Outsourcing brings along cost benefits; when you outsource, you need not invest in office space, furniture, IT infrastructure or pay for fixed monthly remuneration, payroll taxes, etc. Basically, you save the money you would have otherwise spent on employing a team of full-time accountants.

Now you can reinvest these saved portions of capital in other areas which need improvement or those that can bring more value with more funding, for example – marketing and sales.

Flexibility, Scalability, & Several Other Opportunities

Flexibility and scalability are emerging as considerable requirements in today’s CPA business. Additionally, as technology continues to change and disrupt the industry, it is becoming increasingly crucial for CPA firms to consider outsourcing.

Fortunately, the diverse nature of tax outsourcing services allows you to scale operations and even services. For example, if your client asks for some additional services your firm doesn’t provide, in such a situation, your outsourcing partner (having a pool of experienced accounting professionals) can help you meet clients’ growing and changing needs at any time of the year.

    How Cogneesol Helps You Reap All These Benefits

    Experience & Expertise: Our team of 300+ accountants is qualified, skilled, and professionally trained with more than 13 years of average experience.

    Round-the-clock Support: Aiming to achieve overall client satisfaction, we are available round-the-clock to address your concerns related to your tax projects.

    Affordable Services: We offer expert tax outsourcing services at affordable costs with flexible pricing plans.

    The Technical Edge: We incorporate the use of the latest and most advanced software to prepare your taxes, ensuring the utmost accuracy and timely tax preparation.

    Compliance Assurance: We ensure complete compliance while preparing taxes, eliminating the chances of IRS audit or penalties.

    Growth Possibilities: Helping you improve efficiency and productivity, leading to higher profitability by freeing your employees to focus on value-generating areas.

    Looking for tax support to meet your clients’ needs and expectations?

    Learn how Cogneesol’s competitive and globally trusted tax return outsourcing services help you manage your firm better while increasing client satisfaction rates effortlessly. Talk to one of our experts to share your requirements, call us at +1 646-688-2821 or send an email at [email protected].

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