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Blog » 5 Business Tax Preparation Tips to Remain Ahead of the Curve

5 Business Tax Preparation Tips to Remain Ahead of the Curve

Last updated: 02 Feb, 2024 By | 6 Minutes Read

tax return preparation

A couple of days have passed of 2019 and tax season is about to approach you. Are you worried about tax return preparation? Stick to the following 5 steps to make sure your paperwork remains sorted, your deductions are maximized and additionally, you’re not confronted with a tax-time meltdown come spring.

5 Tax Preparation Tips for Businesses 

1. Be Certain that your Business is Appropriately Classified

Running your business with different methods in terms of finances, you need to categorize everything. It is to protect from IRS. Before the year comes to an end, you’ll intend to make certain you’re making use of the category that will assist your net profit the most.

For instance, in case you’re an exclusive proprietor or maybe single-member LLC without any employees and you make over a specific amount, you can notice substantial financial savings on self-employment tax by choosing S-Corp status preferably. It is actually just one illustration of many that may relate to you based on your business category and your financial predicament. Do your homework to establish which classification is correct to suit your needs.

In case you’re uncertain, we strongly suggest scheduling a call with us to talk about your choices.

2. Gather Contractor Details

In case you engage freelancers or even subcontractors to enable you to operate your business, you’ll have to issue a Form 1099 or everyone that you’ve compensated more than $600.

Although you won’t put together the form itself until the calendar year comes to an end, you can really save considerable time by gathering their data at this point. You’ll require each contractor’s tax ID or perhaps SSN as well as the address to appropriately complete the form.

3. Maintain a Running List of Queries

Will I be able to write off that donation I forgot I made a year ago? Is my visit to the physician tax deductible? These are generally the queries that pop into your mind whilst you’re driving a vehicle or perhaps cooking dinner or simply while running your everyday tasks, and maintaining a running list of all of them will end up saving you panic attacks as the tax time approaches.

Odds are your bookkeeping outsourcing company will probably be the busiest between February and April. Reviewing these tax queries at the start will make sure communication doesn’t feel hurried and not a thing which is crucial is overlooked 6 months down the road.

4. Put Together Receipts Electronically

Still storing receipts away in a ratty worn-out manila directory (or perhaps misplacing them completely in the abyss of your purse)? Give up the madness! Nowadays there are plenty of free of cost applications that can make recording and administering receipts very simple.

We prefer the suitably titled app ‘Receipts’, that allows you to conveniently snapshot your receipts, post them and categorize them depending on your most typical business expenses. Benefit: when you use the note-taking app Evernote, Receipts syncs with your account to duplicate every bit of your data.

5. Think About Forthcoming Legislation

You’ll prefer to work with a tax return preparation company that is aware of forthcoming tax legislation that may have an effect on your business. For instance, a tax break that’s excellent this season may end by the coming year; therefore you’ll have to make the most of its impact appropriately for your company.

It’s furthermore a wise idea to discuss with your tax preparer regarding any kind of substantial purchases you’re taking into consideration, such as equipment or perhaps new stock; in certain cases, you may reap some benefits by springing for those higher price items before the year is up.

Got any questions relating to tax return preparation? Need to make sure you’re aligning your business for the highest-possible savings? Call at +1 646 688 2821 to book your one-on-one 100% free tax preparation outsourcing consultation with one of our committed business tax preparation professionals right now! You can also email us at [email protected] and we will call you within 24 hours.