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Alika Cooper is a business writer & the digital marketing expert at Cogneesol with extensive years of experience in writing for the finance and accounting sector. Alika is responsible for managing all the social media and content channels also the smooth processes of back-office support services to businesses worldwide.
Real Estate Investors
The Key Laws All Real Estate Investors Need to Know!

Investing in individual properties takes a lot more work than opening a Fidelity account to trade stocks. Unlike the stock [...]

How To Keep Your Business Safe During Times Of Drastic Change?
How To Keep Your Business Safe During Times Of Drastic Change?

It is not often that businesses throughout the world go through a similar crisis and get affected in a similar [...]

Public Relations Strategies For Realtors
Public Relations Strategies For Realtors Which Help Them To Boost Their Business

Public relations campaigns are a broad mixture of advertising & marketing, event planning, media relations, social media reputation, etc. mainly [...]

Innovative Ways You Can Use Virtual Reality in the Real Estate Business
Innovative Ways You Can Use Virtual Reality in the Real Estate Business

Virtual reality, commonly known as VR, is a technology that offers both practical and commercial applications. VRs have been used [...]

accounting firms
The Role of Technology: Strengthening Relationships between Accounting Firms & Clients- Part 2

We discussed in part 1 that how technology is refining and redefining the relationships between the accounting firms and the [...]

accounting firms
The Role of Technology: Strengthening Relationships between Accounting Firms & Clients – Part 1

2020 is the modern age of digitization, and today, almost every industry has leveraged technology to streamline its internal and [...]

Essentialities are Missing on Your Balance Sheet
What Essentialities are Missing on Your Balance Sheet?

Every business competes hard in the industry to emerge as a winner amongst its competitors. For making this dream a [...]

Accounting Firms
Accounting Departments and Firms Reveal What They Look Forward to!

Every year, new innovations and technologies enter the market and refine and redefine the accounting processes. This is imperative also [...]

Machine Learning is Leading to Smarter Manufacturing
Manufacturing Accounting
Different Ways Machine Learning is Leading to Smarter Manufacturing

In the current time, machine learning has become a vital part of the manufacturing industry, helping to reduce costs and [...]

Impacts of Coronavirus on Businesses Worldwide
Impacts of Corona Virus on Businesses Worldwide

Almost everyone has heard about coronavirus, and a lot of things have changed since doctors in Wuhan, China, detected the [...]

Fintech Knowledge
Update Your Fintech Knowledge For 2020 With These Trends

Financial Technology (FinTech)- For most people, this was a new term. However, today, almost every person who is using a [...]

5 Essentials for Transforming Your Accounting Firm into a Success!

Every accounting firm wishes to succeed in the industry, and this is the reason they leave no stone unturned when [...]

Client Accounting Services
Accounting Services for CPA Firms
Client Accounting Services – The Future of CPA Firms [INFOGRAPHIC]

In recent years, the accounting industry has undergone technological advancements and introduced the concept of CAS (Client Accounting Services), which [...]

accounting leaders
Accounting Leaders Reveal Industry Challenges of 2020

Every business faces multiple challenges that vary from industry to industry. If we talk about the accounting industry, it too [...]

Insurance Accounting Issues and Solutions
Experts Revealing the Insurance Accounting Issues and Solutions

Accounting for insurance companies can be a challenging task as it involves heaps of figures and calculations. Hence, adequate diligence [...]

accounting and tax software
Expert Reviews for Using Accounting and Tax Software!

As your business grows, you’ll have more decisions to make concerning your accounting. With the advancement in technology, businesses are [...]

Bookkeeping Service Providers
Bookkeeping Services
Position of Bookkeeping Services Providers in 2019 – Infographic

Bookkeeping forms an essential part of accounting, irrespective of the industry type. Every business needs to record its financial transactions [...]

Bank Account Reconciliation
Bank Credit Card Reconciliation
Roundup: Smart Tips to Streamline the Bank Account Reconciliation Process by Experts!

Bank reconciliation is a process of comparing bank statements with the cash book which businesses maintain internally. This process is [...]

Finance and Accounting Professionals
An Insight into Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for Finance and Accounting Professionals!

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are key metrics to determine the performance quality of business processes over a period. It allows [...]

CPA Firms
Accounting Services for CPA Firms
Roundups: What Services CPA Firms Usually Outsource and Why?

It requires a lot of efforts to manage and build a robust internal accounting team, which is capable of implementing [...]

QuickBooks Online
Why and How to Migrate from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online?

Accounting is a challenging undertaking for businesses, however, you can't overlook. To eliminate the hassle of managing books, it is [...]

Small Business Pitfalls
Business Pitfalls to Avoid as a New Year Resolution for 2019

A couple of days have passed since we entered into the New Year 2019. You might have made resolutions like [...]

Startup Accounting
Best Startup Accounting Practices for Good Financial Growth From the Experts

Being a startup, keeping track of your finances is highly essential to stay competitive in the agile market. However, many owners face obstacles [...]

CPA Firms
Accounting Services for CPA Firms
The Challenges Today’s CPA Firms Face and How to Overcome Them?

CPA firms are going through a tremendous shift these days. Numerous reports have stated the drastic changes that the accounting [...]

budgeting tips
Top 8 Budgeting Tips for Surviving Highs and Lows of Your Business

Budgeting does not have to be a burden all the time. Although we do not recommend it, a lot of [...]

managerial accounting
Four Managerial Accounting Principles Every Business Must Comply With

Efficient managerial accounting practices can significantly help in improving the overall decision-making process within companies by providing them long-term insights [...]

tax planning
Effective Tax Planning Tips for Businesses and Individuals for the Remaining Year 2018

So, US citizens have concluded yet another tax return filing season and the last thing they want to have on [...]

S Corporation – A Comprehensive Guide to Filing Taxes

An S Corp (small business corporations) has a number of advantages. It offers investment opportunities, the much sought after protection [...]

Accounting Tasks
Bank Credit Card Reconciliation
4 Accounting Tasks That Must be Done on a Weekly Basis

Correct and up-to-date financial and bookkeeping records are a must for all businesses, whether large or SMBs. These records determine [...]

accounting management software
Top 5 Picks for Best Accounting Management Software for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

The right accounting management software in place is evident for every firm’s growth. It reflects the financial situation of a [...]

Restaurant Accounting Services
How Inventory Management Can Help Your Restaurant in Reducing Costs & Increasing Profit?

Undoubtedly, inventory management is an intricate process in every restaurant business. But if you keep this streamlined will give better [...]

accounting trends
4 Accounting Trends of Future to Watch Out

The Future is unpredictable…!!!  But our intuition about the future is linear. So when we talk about the impact of [...]

Business Process Outsourcing
Business Process Outsourcing: Avoid Common Mistakes by Studying the Business Model Inside-Out

Entrepreneurs have learned some harsh lessons in the outsourcing sector. Some of them have learned it by making unavoidable mistakes [...]

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