Transforming Insurance Data Management through BI and Visualization


Unifying fragmented data from various sources is an ongoing challenge for the insurance industry. In this case study, we showcase how our bespoke data management solution revolutionized our client's approach to their data, enhancing both their insights and their bottom line.

Client Profile

Our esteemed client, a leading figure in the insurance industry, bridges the gap between underwriting and wholesale brokerage firms. They specialize in acquisitions and product development across numerous specialty lines, connecting vast networks of agents and underwriters.

Client Profile

Process Bottlenecks

The client faced significant challenges due to the overwhelming amount of unstructured data they received, including reports from 5000+ agents and 70+ underwriters. These reports covered essential metrics such as:

  • Number of policies binded by underwriters
  • Ratio of policy sales from various carriers
  • Number of claims received and settled

The manual management of these extensive reports on Excel sheets proved to be challenging, leading to poor decision-making. As a result, the client had to hire additional resources solely to manage repetitive tasks.

Additionally, the client struggled to establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for its partners, resulting in operational breakdowns and inefficiencies in strategy development.

Cogneesol’s Optimization Solution

Leveraging our domain expertise in Data Analytics and BI, we delivered a customized solution with the following structured approach:

  • Data Standardization: We took the lead by organizing data from various sources, such as PDFs, Word files, and Excel spreadsheets into a structured format stored in SQL Servers. . This pivotal step paved the way for precise data extraction, tailored to the client's needs.
  • Real-time Insights: Leveraging advanced BI tools, we seamlessly extracted, transformed, and loaded (ETL) data in real-time on a dashboard, offering the client a clear view of policies bound, claims received, and policy sales. This process automation empowered the client to make informed decisions promptly.
  • Data Visualization: Our team crafted a BI dashboard that visually represented all the critical elements of client’s business like data from different brokers, insurance carriers, and distributors while presenting essential variables like portfolio, product, operations, and distribution. This enabled the client to set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for their partners, ensuring a more streamlined and effective operation.

“Working with Cogneesol has been exceptional! Their tailored approach streamlined our document management and legal preparations. With their proactive mindset, they organized information efficiently and ensured timely deliveries. The comprehensive legal research and attention to detail elevated our legal arguments. Thank you for helping us get through this change. It means a lot keep it up with the wonderful work”.

Impact Delivered: A New Horizon in Efficiency:

  • Enhanced Resource Utilization: A significant 15% increase in resource capacity, enabling a more agile and responsive workforce.
  • Monetary Savings: An extraordinary saving of more than $5 million over three years, translating into funds that can be channeled into strategic growth.
  • Strategic Expansion: Facilitated the acquisition of 16+ small divisions across the nation, manifesting our client's vision of growth and dominance in their field.


implementing our specialized BI and Data Visualization services, we not only alleviated our client's process bottlenecks but transformed their operational landscape. The measurable results speak for themselves, outlining a case where technology and expertise align to drive real business impact.

Client Testimonials

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