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Are Virtual Bookkeeping Services Meant For Your Business?

Last updated: 03 Dec, 2021 By | 6 Minutes Read

The ongoing pandemic has led to revolutionary changes in bookkeeping firms because businesses are shifting from traditional methods to virtual bookkeeping as it can be done remotely. In addition, they can create a significant difference, especially for those businesses who are facing challenges in this pandemic. Reason being that financial accounting services, on average, can cost around $54,775/year in the United States. Therefore, hiring a regular bookkeeping assistant can be a costly affair. 

Accounting costs are unavoidable and can be a constant source of distress for business owners. The price of accounting may vary on certain factors like the company size or the industry. However, they usually start from at least $1000.Thus such an enormous cost can decrease the motivation of anyone who is thinking of starting a company. The other option that you have is opting for accounting software. But even though software makes bookkeeping easy, learning how to use the tools will require time and training. In addition, the good ones are pretty expensive.  

The next option is to do it yourself. However, while running a business, one hardly has time to look after these matters. Additionally, a trained accountant can easily outperform and detect errors that you wouldn’t have noticed.  

Hence, one more effective solution to enhance business operations could be taking the assistance of hiring external experts. Like, the accounting department could be the one that can be given to external experts for handling.

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In this article, we have mentioned some points below that provide insights into how external service-providing experts can bring a significant difference in work operations.

Remote Bookkeeping Services

How Virtual Bookkeeping Services Benefit Your Business

Availability of specialized services and skillset:

A virtual bookkeeping service will typically furnish you with a resource that is well-versed with your industry and the relevant ongoing accounting practices. Thus, he would have ample experience to meet the needs of your business. Along with that, the virtual bookkeeper can also leverage the experience of its team and manager to tackle any tricky situation. Specialized accounting service providers also have subject matter experts to provide assistance that can come in handy at times. Thus, another beneficial aspect of hiring a them is that you get access to people who have specialized skill sets.


Contrary to opting for an in-house full-time bookkeeper, hiring the best virtual bookkeeping services can provide massive cost savings. Besides, along with the salary you are supposed to pay to a full-time bookkeeper, there are other costs as well that you need to bear, like insurance and payroll taxes. Then there is the cost of office space for the person to ensure efficient working. However, in the case of remote bookkeeping services, you only have to pay a pre-decided cost without any additional expenses. Therefore, in most cases, such services are much cheaper as compared to any full-time resource hired locally.  

Reduction in time:

Taking the assistance of a virtual bookkeeper is a definite way of saving time and effort, which would have been spent on a full-time in-house employee. Virtual bookkeeping services can bring a significant advantage from standardized processes and competent practices that they have developed over time. The virtual accountants you would hire will most likely do work during the same business hours as you do and would maintain close communication with you. As a result, you can schedule discussions as per your availability and save time for more critical business functions.  

Safety and Reliability:

Some business owners used to shy away from sharing their financial data with a third-party provider. However, such beliefs are irrelevant now as numerous reliable service providers offer secure remote bookkeeping services. In addition to that, most reputed virtual bookkeeping services firms operate from safe offices and have robust monitoring software to track the activity of everything. Furthermore, systematic logs are maintained to ensure compliance, and service level agreements assure deliverables.  

Usage of technology:

 Virtual bookkeepers utilize technology to make the job seamless for everyone. For example, suppose you are in a different city and wish to review accounts of a certain project. If you have a full-time bookkeeper, you are most likely to call him and regarding the details. In addition, seeking any clarifications would take even longer. But with a reputed online bookkeeping service, all of your data would be present on the cloud that you can securely access through any device. You can also ask for detailed explanations if you need them at any time as there will always be someone present to assist you with your needs. 

Access to detailed reporting:

Online accounting and bookkeeping services offer reporting to their clients in detail. Most of these reports are delivered on a pre-decided schedule. Timely alerts are also given regarding any pending issue that is needed to be addressed. Along with that, these firms also keep you updated with any kind of new regulatory and compliance change. A bookkeeping service that stays updated with the latest changes is always beneficial for a business functioning in multiple states. Besides this, some service providers also alert clients regarding any suspicious or malicious transaction, inconsistency, etc.  

Effortless scalability:

The best advantage of hiring a virtual bookkeeping service is scalability. Reason being that an online bookkeeping service provider can swiftly adjust to an increasing work volume like increased complexity or number of transactions. However, an in-house team cannot work beyond a specific limit, and hiring skilled employees in a short time is not easy. And even if you are able to acquire more resources, you could be stuck with an extra force if the demand in the market decreases after a particular time. With them on your side, you have the facility to operate on a pay-as-you-go model. As a result, you can quickly scale up without suffering overhead costs and wasting crucial time hiring when your business grows.  


    Remote bookkeeping can be significant in multiple ways, but it is essential to study the professionals that provide online bookkeeping services for businesses carefully. To make sure you have the right partner for your bookkeeping needs, ask questions, look on the internet, and thoroughly read reviews.  

    In case you don’t know where to start, let us help set things in motion for you. 

    It is necessary to make sure your bookkeeper or partner firm knows what bookkeeping functions they need to accomplish every day to help you improve your business’s financial management and performance. 

    You may seek assistance from Cogneesol – a leading business process management firm providing competent, cost-effective, and customized bookkeeping and accounting services to businesses and CPAs worldwide. To learn how we can assist you, Call us at +1 646-688-2821 or email at info@cogneesol.com 

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