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Blog » Experience Optimal Growth by Outsourcing Policy Management Services

Experience Optimal Growth by Outsourcing Policy Management Services

Last updated: 10 Aug, 2023 By | 6 Minutes Read

Policy Management Services

The entire insurance sector network, including agents, brokers, and carriers, has to manage a vast amount of back-office management and tasks to streamline the processes. A professional insurance company must have uncompromised back-office support for all its operations, including quote summary generation, policy management, policy checking, and renewal exposure summary generation, ensuring complete support to agents and brokers, wholesale brokers, managing general agents, insurance carriers, and claims administrators and benefit them. Efficient policy administration is imperative to grow the entire organization, as administrative work and data management tasks are essential. By choosing to outsource policy management services, insurers can enjoy a wide range of benefits:

  • Minimized workload for staff
  • Controlled operating costs
  • Easy access to expert resources
  • More resources, including  time and money to direct core activities
  • Enhanced flexibility and scalability
  • Efficient administrative services
  • Access to advanced technology
  • Standardized business processes
  • Improved customer satisfaction and
  • Boost customer retention

To maximize the results and benefits, insurers must outsource their world-class policy administrative services offered by Cogneesol, a leading business process management company, and unleash their limitless potential.

What is policy management in insurance?

The services revolving around policy management comprise numerous common back-end administrative tasks handling. These services, when outsourced, regulate business growth and ensures increased productivity. An insurance firm has many backend tasks running continuously, strengthening the front end. These core tasks include:

  • Underwriting
  • Quoting
  • Proposal generation
  • Policy issuance, renewal, and cancellation
  • Claims processing
  • Loss run report preparation
  • Compliance checking

Policy administration is a complex subject, and every facet of the process is crucial. When an insurance firm chooses to outsource policy administration services, they welcome cost efficiency, profitability, and scalability to its organization.

Like many other sectors, the insurance sector is evolving and has a massive shift in how work is done and processes are managed. The industry is experiencing significant disruptions but, at the same time, booming with opportunities. An organization must develop the agility to gain a competitive edge, maintain pace with the evolving changes, and tap the right option.

By bringing operational efficiency, an insurance firm can prepare itself better to handle the end-to-end processes today while preparing for more significant workloads and opportunities in the future. The key to operational efficiency is proper resource allocation and role-playing. When your team has enough resources to focus on its core KPIs, the organization grows as a whole. Once you achieve operational efficiency, you can maximize your profits, offer excellent customer services, and simultaneously plan, prepare, and react to the changes coming your way.

The current landscape

Innovative insurance companies outsource services related to policy handling to minimize the workload of the team and better utilize its resources. Policy administration services outsourcing brings several other benefits of diverse nature. From handling the massive number of new customer requests on a day-to-day basis to managing the data and renewal, proc eases of several existing policyholders; professional services can take charge of every operation from start to finish.

We offer comprehensive Policy management services and deliver top results. Our service packages include:

  • History of policy accounting – see all the operations carried out on the policy
  • Endorsement, rewriting, renewal, reinstatement, and cancellation of insurance policies
  • Policy issuance services
  • Licensing and resource management
  • See policies set for cancellation
  • Preparation of quotes
  • Exchange of data
  • Requests for loss runs
  • Checking of policies
  • Generation of proposals

Choosing Cogneesol’s services brings you a wide range of benefits encompassing different facets of policy management. When outsourced to the industry experts, the services ensure a broader coverage and umpteen quality of work.

Cogneesol’s extensive and well-curated services on end-to-end policy management offer the following benefits.

Enable full in-force processing

Let us take charge of your end-to-end processes and make your organization more efficient and streamlined. Cogneesol has a team of experts who understand the back-end processes of an insurance company well and handle them professionally with quality insurance outsourcing services. We can efficiently handle:

  • Claims and payout
  • Cash management
  • Billing
  • Contract management
  • Fund management
  • Transaction management
  • Tax and regulatory
  • Quotes and inquiries
  • Accounting

Boost customer service through productivity gains

Every organization seeks to boost customer service to achieve its goals. The outsourced Policy management service allows you to achieve the goal by focusing on productivity gains. When you choose to outsource administrative policy services, you get:

  • Access to configuring and modifying processes as per the organizational needs.
  • Easy access to workbenches to create customized customer management and contract management portals.
  • Easy and fully-functional control of user type and individual behavior
  • Automated business rules configuration to control approvals, requirements, and follow-ups

Cogneesol’s product offers ample free resources to an organization, including time and focus. You can easily focus on acquiring new clients, managing existing and enhancing your customer service standards. Moreover, you get ample free headspace to work on business challenges, tap new opportunities and strengthen your position as a market leader.

Boost productivity and performance

The software offers you complete control of your processes, making them more performance centric and productive. We constantly employ newer technologies and ensure that our clients have the best features and tech at their service.  We optimize your workflow and processes to offer you a more enhanced experience and never-ending profitability.

Grow profitability

Now that someone else is taking care of your tedious and repetitive backend process, you have git time and resources to focus on your core competencies. Expand if you may or strengthen your foundations first to conquer the insurance landscape later.


Rules and regulations bind the insurance sector, and compliance is imperative; we manage your books, clear backlog, and ensure that all your documents and processes are well-compliant with the law of the land.

About Cogneesol

Established in 2008, Cogneesol is a global professional services firm known for its expertise in business process management (bpo), consulting, and technology solutions. We work with businesses, offering them futuristic solutions for their backend processes and counsel for workflow management. As a leading policy management services provider, we understand our clients’ requirements and offer them tailor-made solutions. Over 600+ employees provide dedicated support to hundreds of insurance organizations, consistently achieving a 97% client retention rate for over a decade.

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