Usually varying from ten to hundreds of pages, extracting any particular information from the contract documentation is a time-consuming, labor and capital intensive process for an attorney/business. It calls for precise reading and analysis of all the complex details of contracts and agreements, along with other associated documents. Even a minimal loss in interpretation, can result in startling financial as well as legal repercussions. We at Cogneesol provide you economical and accurate legal contract abstraction services to efficiently handle your contracts. With our contract abstraction solutions, you can easily remain on top of the data present in the contracts.

Our in-house legal team is skilled in extracting almost any kind of data from a contract or perhaps a lease; be it crucial dates, important clauses like parties to the contract, effective date, execution date, payment terms, obligation of the parties to the agreement, instances of default, remedies and termination clause, renewal, notifications for renewal, statutory compliances or additional crucial data from the documents. Attorneys, law offices and businesses from different industry verticals such as manufacturing, real estate, insurance, telecom, retail, technology, hospitality, healthcare etc. have drawn upon the insight of Cogneesol’s contract extraction services and expertise. Every document is meticulously reviewed to ensure that no crucial detail is overlooked. Every now and then, customized solutions are offered to the clients to make sure their requirements are fulfilled. Stringent quality controls ascertain correct data bring captured and that no specifics are missed.


  • Consistent and to-the-point abstracts or digests

  • Critical viewpoint to allow you to make faster and well-timed decisions

  • Examining contracts depending on factors, such as type, party, termination and renewal dates, option dates.

  • Forwarding notifications for termination and renewal.

  • Analyzing contract terminology and timeline, determining deviations from regular stipulations

  • Building and handling contract databases

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  • Vast Industry Exposure
    Vast Industry Exposure

    Major global law firms as well as businesses trust Cogneesol to perform crucial value-added legal tasks like contract extraction.

  • Accuracy and Quality
    Accuracy and Quality

    Our contract abstraction team when working on your project ensures the accuracy and quality of the deliverable documents.

  • Timely Delivery
    Timely Delivery

    When you outsource legal contract abstraction services to us, we guarantee you quick and accurate delivery of the tasks.

  • Legal Compliance
    Legal Compliance

    Anytime you sign up for our legal support services, we ensure increased productivity & legal compliance across contract lifecycle.

  • Save Time & Resources
    Save Time & Resources

    Engaging our experienced in-house attorneys can help your business or law office in saving time, money as well as resources.

  • Data Security
    Data Security

    We understand the significance of the security and privacy of your legal data. We have world-class security systems in place.

  • Informed Decisions
    Informed Decisions

    Our services help you in making informed decisions about the contract you had signed, if you are a business/individual.

  • Latest Technology
    Latest Technology

    We incorporate the latest technology to ensure that the legal contract extraction processes are conducted & completed efficiently.

  • Latest Technology
    Process Oriented

    Our team efficiently conforms to specific processes followed by our clients in-house so as to maintain a smooth workflow.

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