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Legal Document Processing

The Client:

Our client is based out of the USA, an associate attorney in a law firm. The services provided by this firm are consumer class actions, wrongful repossessions, automobile frauds, etc. With the help of the client’s instructions, we provided quality services.

legal document processing


This was an entirely new experience for us, as we did the work on LexisNexis CaseMap software. In this, the core elements of services were the organization of case documents, linking the data together, and streamlining the workflow. It was standard software, and there was a time limit to complete the work. We provided quality and enhanced legal outsourcing services.

Thanks Cogneesol, for organizing and processing documents that made our cases stronger and increased chances for winning.


As already stated above, we used the LexisNexis CaseMap software. We had to remote connect to the client's computer. The client provided the password and username. There were several PDF files. We had to specifically open a relevant case in this software. Then we had to import pdf files in the LexisNexis CaseMap Software. The imported pdf files later annexed with headings, such as pages, date, full name, key, type, description, linked issues, etcetera; accordingly, we had to make the entries.

We ensured that the files were linked properly to the entries in the software. The software helped our client to research the document at a glance. This process helped the client to simplify the work and get case details faster. This case note helped our work and to analyze things efficiently.


  • Delivery of Quality work: One of the significant success points was the delivery of quality work. Our internal process is focused on quality at the process and the review, delivery level.
  • Round the Clock Support: We have well-trained teams working in two shifts, enabling the client to operate smoothly and have a fast turnaround time.
  • Cost Savings
  • Increased Efficiency: Since there was a team working during the US hours, there had been constant interaction amongst the teams to streamline the process, which led to more efficiency.
  • Ongoing, real-time processing for new documents (increasing productivity and customer service).

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It is always a pleasure to learn that the work we do has positively impacted our clients and that they are happy to share their experiences.

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