Outsource Function -
Discovery Process

The Client:

The client is a New York-based law firm having specializations in medical insurance claims and personal injury. The Law Firm has more than 30 hospitals as their permanent clients and more than 55 lawyers as their opponents.

The Client


The law firm was dealing with motor vehicle accident cases. The person who met with the accident goes to a hospital, takes treatment, and doesn't pay money to the hospital. The hospital has the responsibility to claim the money to the Insurance Company that insured the person.

Due to some reason, the insurance company refuses to pay money to the Hospital. Here the hospital comes to our client’s law firm to file a case on Insurance Company to get the money back. The law firm represents the hospital in the court, and some X is the lawyer for the insurance company. During the course of the trial, there would be a lot of questions raised by both sides.

We believe we've found Cogneesol as the right partner for support with our several legal processes.


Our role was to take a case file of a particular case, study it, and answer the questions asked by the lawyer of the insurance company. We use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to the client's system.

The case was studied carefully, and the questions asked by the lawyer of the insurance company were answered. This is called "Answering Discovery." For this, we used Software called "Image Master" to view the case file's scanned image and a database called "Collect" where the details of the clients and the description about the accident were stored.

Once the information asked was updated, the case document got printed at the law firm's office by the staff in India.


Round the Clock Support: We have teams working in 2 shifts, enabling the client to have a fast turnaround time and operate in a 24-hour environment without any additional overheads.

Clearance of Backlog: One of the reasons the client had to outsource was the considerable backlog they were sitting on. The faster ramp-up of the team had reduced the backlog work considerably.

Increased Efficiency: Since there was a team working during the US hours, there had been constant interaction amongst the teams to streamline the process, which led to more efficiency in the whole system.

Business Growth: With the right team in place, the workflow got streamlined, and the law firm became able to focus more on getting new business.

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