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Blog » 6 Key Challenges Faced by an In-House Data Entry Team

6 Key Challenges Faced by an In-House Data Entry Team

Last updated: 27 Mar, 2024 By | 6 Minutes Read

Data Entry Team

Technology has brought many changes in the business world. Earlier, if you visited a business organization, you would have found endless piles of paper files lying there. But now the scenario has changed; you will find very few paper files as digitization has taken over. This has made business operations much simpler and enhanced the productivity of business organizations. This option is also considered more environmentally friendly as it reduces the need for paper usage. Digitization has helped in enhancing the coordination among a commercial venture’s employees, thus ensuring better management. Data entry is the primary task in the digitization process. It involves taking out information from catalogs, invoices, paper documents, etc., and placing them in software applications or cloud applications for further processing. This information is used for future business planning and offering customer service. A proficient data entry team is instrumental in ensuring the success of this critical aspect of digitization.

List of Challenges Faced by In-House Data Entry Team:

1. Too Much Time is Wasted-

Whether it is capturing data from images or paper documents, it involves a lot of time, especially if the process followed is manual. For business organizations with a lesser number of staff members, it hampers the ability to concentrate on the core functions and maintain their profitability.

2. Inaccurate Results-

Manual data entry is a tiresome process. If the in-house staff is assigned a huge amount of work, then there is always a chance of increased errors. Access to wrong information could lead to poor business planning and customer service.

3. Increasing Work Pressure-

With the increase in the demand for a business’s products or services, the volume of work increases. There are occasions when the data entry team is overworked and feels pressured. Enhanced work pressure could lead to stress and tension.

4. Quality vs Quantity-

Many business organizations make the mistake of giving preference to piling up huge volumes of data rather than looking for data that is useful. It is up to higher management to decide what data is beneficial for the organization.

5. Placing Lesser Focus on Revenue Oriented Activities-

At times, overemphasis given to data entry prevents business organizations from giving the required importance to main functions like production, marketing, etc.

6. Creation of Confusing Data-

There are situations where, despite the availability of the right data sources, the data entry operators pile up the information in a manner that is difficult to understand. The vague data produced is of no use for business management.

Data Entry Outsourcing

The Best Solution to Overcome the In-House Data Entry Problems are:

Outsource Requirements – Hiring data entry outsourcing services can solve the problems and offer various benefits like:

1. Reduced costs due to lower remuneration in developing nations like India, the Philippines, China, etc.

2. It offers results with quick turnaround time due to the difference in time zones, thus leading to greater efficiency.

3. Outsourcing data entry services helps in gaining access to proficient staff and technology, thus leading to better results.

4. Opportunity to place a greater focus on core functions and enhancing revenue.

5. Reduced work pressure on data entry employees.

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