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Blog » Is 2017 the Year for Restaurant Accounting to Move to Cloud ?

Is 2017 the Year for Restaurant Accounting to Move to Cloud ?

Last updated: 31 Jan, 2024 By | 6 Minutes Read

Restaurant cloud accounting

From technology professionals to restaurant business insiders, everybody is discussing how companies are decisively taking the leap in cloud-based accounting. Desktop applications are rapidly turning out to be a technology of the past and not just in accounting. Leading software program providers such as Microsoft, and Adobe adopt the cloud, and accounting for restaurants is no different.

Change is difficult in the restaurant industry, however, restaurants are taking the decision to move to the cloud.

Major Five Queries that Bothers Restaurant Accountants

1. Price:

The major reason why restaurants are moving to cloud-based accounting is its cost efficiency. The fact of the matter is that in 2016 it is going to save your restaurant money. Rather than paying a huge flat fee for desktop accounting software, you should opt for cloud computing software. Most cloud restaurant accounting software bills you monthly, providing you the ease increase or limit users. Updates and upgrades are practically inconsequential since they integrate by your vendor.

2. Gain Access to Your Books from Any Device, Anyplace:

The days are over of accounting professionals getting a desktop. With cloud software, you can easily access books anywhere anytime. Hard disks crash. Anyone can steal your laptop or you may lose it. As stated before, a cloud-based software program merely needs a working laptop or computer to access the data. This implies that anybody who requires access can easily log on at their home, at some other workplace, or from any hotel across the globe.

3. Improved Operational Efficiency:

Not only does the cloud give you simpler access to your business’s finance-related records, but it can create increased proficiency by means of offering a lot more access. Better quality restaurant accounting services can readily be put into use by a vast number of employees – from accounts receivable to sales to the storehouse, etc. – each one with its unique set of permissions that enable distinct accessibility rights. Sales will be able to write orders straight into the system. Shipment may just have to look up orders and print packaging slips whilst your accounting professional may have greater level permissions to supervise the complete operational financial depiction.
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4. Speed:

Considering that accessibility is a lot easier, you will realize that you along with your team can easily update the cloud-based applications as and when your transactions occur, not after they go back to their office space or workplace. Not only does this boost performance, it additionally develops the accuracy and reliability of your record keeping. Having the ability to log in from any place at any time provides you and your team a lot more freedom to be where you require them when keying in data, as opposed to needing to enter data from the place you might not actually require them.

5. Security and Protection:

Maintaining your financial data safe and sound is most likely among the leading imperatives with regards to managing a restaurant. Cloud-based restaurant accounting software provides physical data security wherein your information is going to be stored in a secure environment by the specialists, as opposed to on your own computer or in-house hosting server. Security programs that make use of encrypted connections avert intruders and hackers from taking advantage of your finance-related data when it is saved securely on the cloud.

Even small-scale or startup restaurant businesses can reap the benefits from taking a sincere look at making the required leap toward cloud accounting this year.