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A Handy Checklist for Restaurant Accounting

Last updated: 25 Feb, 2020 By | 6 Minutes Read

Accounting is a cumbersome and lengthy process, however it’s crucial if your restaurant needs to thrive. We understand it’s unlikely that you studied finance or business while you were in school, and not to mention your primary goal happens to be refining your tasty recipes and putting together the appropriate atmosphere in your dining restaurant. And that’s all it needs to be…

However the truth is – you’re now the owner of an enterprise, and you’re bound to require someone to handle your finances accurately in case you don’t wish to be counted as restaurants that were successful early in their career. Whilst we can’t educate someone to be a CPA in the boundaries of this brief article, we will assist you to recognize a few of the things that you should incorporate in your bookkeeping activities in order to remain on top of your restaurant accounting.


The heart of all financial management is keeping tabs on each one of your transactions, beginning with the cash you make. In restaurant accounting services, this means your sales. Luckily, POS technology has actually made great strides. The days are gone when your server’s scrawled customers’ orders on a notepad, tore off the page to turn into their “check”, and fixed it on a spindle.

Your cash register platform is going to keep track of listed sales records, as well as arrange all of it into categories. You’ll require this for sales tax reporting. You’ll also obtain data regarding the mode of payment your customers made use of.


This one might be more complicated. Your income essentially originates from the similar source, your cash register; therefore a latest POS system will be helpful in keeping all of that in sync. Your expenditures, however, could be paid off to a number of distributors, your landlord, etc.

Having said that, you’ll have to be well-organized in this field. Most likely you’re similar to a lot of restaurants, wherein the office is messy with heaps of invoices and bills.

Restaurant Accounting --- Checklist.

Ensure you write down each and every dollar you spend. A few of your distributors may present you invoices which you pay out with a check or some other digital means. Nevertheless, there are numerous who you’ll pay off in cash, particularly when you purchase meats or perhaps vegetables from the markets you pay a visit to.

Always keep each and every invoice, bill, or receipt, and document them in suitable categories. You’ll be relieved you did this at the time of tax-filing.


While closing your restaurant, you might check everything is clean including your glassware, service area, and venue; in the same way whenever you close your books at the end of the day take upon inventory on a regular basis.

Decades ago, when inventory was managed in an excel sheet that may help you count the quantities, but doesn’t measure the real-time valuation of inventory. But now, with the help inventory software, you can count, manage, and value your inventory and accounting in one integrated platform.


This is another aspect wherein things become complex for your business. Payroll is complicated and lengthy process in every business, and considering that taxes are involved, there exist outcomes for any errors you may make.

However, the manner in which your team gets compensated makes restaurant accounting a bit more intricate. Remember that your wait staff is going to be taxed on their earned tips, and that brings in additional work on your behalf to record appropriately.

Review Financial Reports

Being a restaurant business owner you might be short of time, but reviewing your financial reports should be in your checklist. It’s not about analyzing profits but measuring growth of your restaurant business.

By review your financial reports you understand the financial position of your restaurant so that you can implement some strategies for reducing miscellaneous expenses. I know you might feel it very time-consuming but at the end it is beneficial for your business to increase overall productivity and profitability.

In case it still appears far too difficult to keep it all organized, consider Outsourcing Restaurant Accounting. At Cogneesol Pvt. Ltd., we’d like to provide you a totally-free consultation and demonstrate what we can carry out to make things well-organized and help you save considerable time and effort.

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