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Blog » Why Insurance Commission Management Services are Beneficial to Opt for Your Business?

Why Insurance Commission Management Services are Beneficial to Opt for Your Business?

Last updated: 03 Oct, 2023 By | 6 Minutes Read

outsourcing commissions management services

Outsourcing commission management services has become new phenomenon in the insurance landscape. How? It is simple, the benefits of outsourcing outweighs hiring an in-house team. There has been a shift in approach by insurers. Today, outsourcing non-core or back-office tasks related to claims help to streamline processes and empower insurers to focus on what they do best.

Back office and support services include data entry, insurance claims and policy management, payroll management and commissions management are top most tasks that insurers delegate to specialist outsourced agencies.

Of all the services mentioned here, commissions’ payout and processing are perhaps the most complicated in nature. This is because it is a form of payroll services with flexible amounts, unlike normal salaries. Every policy scheme has its own rate of commission payable to agents. Now think of agents who sell a range of different policy schemes in a month.

Thus no two agents will have the same amount payable in a given period. Multiply this to hundreds of agents whom you have to pay commission. Seems complex? Yes, commission management is tough yet crucial. This is why outsourcing commission management services has become a trend in the insurance landscape.

How Outsourcing Commission Management Providers Benefit

Necessary Infrastructure

There is no doubt that processing commissions management requires a robust system for processing. It will help in processing huge volume of calculations periodically with a great deal of accuracy.

Service providers have this infrastructure in place sparing the insurance companies huge quantum of investments in this area. Insurers can reclaim their investment in infrastructure or digital tools to offer better customer experience.

Security of data

One of the most crucial aspects of commission management is data security. Your outsourcing partner will take of monthly sales of each agent and details of sold policies for commission calculation. It clearly proves that a outsourcing firms holds a massive amount of insurance data.

Outsource Commissions management have stringent checks in place along with a fool proof Commission Management software package where all data received from the insurance company is incorporated. Not only is this package fully secured it also facilitates highly accurate data processing results.

Focusing on core activities

This is perhaps the most crucial point as processing commissions payable in-house would be a big strain on manpower deployment. In the absence of this non-core activity, specially trained employees can concentrate on business development and increasing turnover and profitability.

These services give insurance companies the flexibility to gainfully optimize the use of human resources apart from the freedom of going through a repetitive task that does not need any executive discretionary powers to be performed.

These are the primary reasons why it is profitable and beneficial in all aspects to opt for commission management outsourcing services. If you are also planning to outsource, you may consider Cogneesol as we are providing satisfactory insurance back-office outsourcing services since 2008. Call us today at +1 646-688-2821 or email at [email protected].