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Ritu Kaushal
Legal Associate and Trainer at Cogneesol Inc.
Ritu Kaushal completed her graduation in Law in 2010 and Masters in Business Laws in 2016. In her graduation degree, she gained a specialization in Cyber Law and Intellectual Property Laws. During the Masters in Business Laws, she went through certain new areas like Banking Laws, Insurance Laws, Investment Laws, Taxation and Environmental Laws.
She had a good grasp of the latest amendments in Company Law during her Master's degree. Currently, she is leading the Legal Division of Cogneesol Inc. The company provides services like Litigation support, Paralegal services, Assistance to Personal injury lawyers, Contract drafting, review and management, Document Review, Medical Summarization, Preparation of Tax Advisory Reports, Contract Tagging and Contract Extraction to their offshore clients.
She has been writing articles to express her views regarding the nuances of the law, emerging trends in law, and legal field from the last nine years.
Reasons to Consider a Shift to Cloud-Based Law Office Management
Law Firm Management
Reasons to Consider a Shift to Cloud-Based Law Office Management

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Roundup : Top Law Firm Challenges with Possible Solutions!

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Law Firm Management
How Can Additional Investment in Marketing Increase Law Firms Revenue?

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Legal Process Outsourcing Services
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How Law Firms Can Benefit By Legal Services?

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Law Firm Management
Law Firm Management
Law Firm Management Services Key to Boost Profitability

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outsourcing legal services
Law Firm Management
How Law Firm Can Be Successful By Legal Support Outsourcing?

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