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Blog » Mistakes Every Lawyer Makes With Regards To Technology [Infographic]

Mistakes Every Lawyer Makes With Regards To Technology [Infographic]

Last updated: 18 Jan, 2024 By | 6 Minutes Read


With the advent of new technologies, even law firm management companies are adopting various tools to streamline their processes. However, law firms are concerned about data security, and they don’t realize that simple legal technology mistakes can cause them reputational damage. So, handling these tools can compromise their firms, clients, and lives.

Every firm needs to prepare a checklist of the most prominent technology-related problems. This list should help you emphasize major areas of risk in technology. It will help you mitigate them through appropriate policies, education, and adequate vetting of technology vendors. Another huge legal technology mistake that law firms make apart from security is that it’s essential to take the right measures to secure your law firm’s devices and software vendors that you are using. In this way, you can protect your law firm’s data thoroughly.

For instance, an email arrives from an address that you don’t recognize with an attachment, and it is marked as “important.” For the moment, it may be something urgent from a current or prospective client, so you decide to open it. However, with a hasty click, you could unintentionally download a virus that could take over every file on your firm’s server.

Moreover, around 60% of the law firms listed security management as their top IT challenge as per the 2015 Legal Technology Purchasing Survey. Hence, law firms should educate their attorneys and staff in order to keep their data- and their reputations- intact. Additionally, legal outsourcing services are becoming increasingly vital in addressing these concerns, contributing to the overall efficiency and security of law firm operations.

Common legal technology mistakes made by attorneys:

Lawyers Mistakes With Technology