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5 Signs: You Need to Upgrade Your Restaurant’s Accounting Software

Last updated: 10 Apr, 2023 By | 6 Minutes Read

A number of global restaurants try and handle their accounting chores using Excel, paper books, and filing drawers jam-packed with documents. Possibly they even manage pulling it off, somehow. The accounts remain balanced. Suppliers get compensated. Checks are issued. However, how things go about if you have to produce a report on all new customer sales since the beginning of the year, or what amount of a particular item is available in the restaurant?

If this is the method that you employ to perform accounting for restaurants business, it could be the right time to contemplate a switch. Restaurant accounting software provides numerous advantages to restaurant owners and bookkeepers, likewise.

Thinking of making an investment in accounting software, but not certain if you’re prepared?

Listed below are the 5 indications that your restaurant requires a new or an updated accounting program:

  1. You’re unable to keep track of customers:

If you end up digging through your workplace drawer or perhaps your computer folders, finding the document where all your customer’s financial data like credit limits, transactional records, and promotions are recorded- it’s time for you to purchase an accounting system that would allow you to save all this information at one place. Considerably better, you can incorporate customized fields that can help you keep track of further exclusive details regarding your specific customers.

  1. Including more employees:

The more your restaurant grows, the more challenging it turns out to be with regards to managing financial details of employees. Accounting application will make it simpler to maintain a record of taxes, paychecks, as well as deductions for everybody on your team. With every single detail of your staff financial information at one place, payroll processing is going to be a piece of cake. On many occasions, all you need to do is key-in their working hours and allow the software program take care of the rest. Tax preparation time is going to be more convenient since the software can automatically estimate employees’ deductions and payments depending on the details they furnish.

  1. You have to maintain a record of your inventory in an efficient manner:

With a small-scale restaurant business, it may be possible that you have someone who visits your stockroom to check if you still have raw materials to use. However, once you start selling more items, this method won’t be sufficient. As an alternative, you must make it a habit to save and update stock information from a real-time program. A lot of restaurant accounting software distributors present integrated inventory management functions that allow you to keep track of information of every item on your shelves and instantly update your stock each time you record a sale. Inventory capabilities are particularly beneficial when integrated with a point-of-sale system.

  1. Invoices are a problem:

Sales keep a restaurant thriving. However, the administrative facet of selling—invoicing—can turn out to be quite a problem when volume tends to increase. Without the appropriate restaurant POS programs, it would require a lot more time and efforts to churn out correct invoices.

Possibly you’re making use of pre-printed forms or generating invoices with the help of a Microsoft Word format, which implies that you need to physically enter customer data, the items they placed an order for, the item number, costs, and so on. With a restaurant accounting software, you can automatically generate invoices by means of the data from the sale. Oftentimes, you can also personalize by adding your restaurant’s logo and choosing which fields to populate.

  1. You require faster access to data:

The great thing about making use of an accounting system is the fact that you can easily incorporate and regulate the data at-will. In lieu of parsing through numerous spreadsheet rows to arrive at a foggy aftermath, you can generate insightful reports and dashboards with a couple of mouse clicks. You can obtain the answers you require much more speedily, which implies time is saved and a superior decision-making practice.

The actual value of restaurant accounting software is in the amount of time it can save you and how perfectly it facilitates your growth. In case, you’re intending to determine whether or not accounting software would be an appropriate choice for your business, get in touch with of our team of expert restaurant accountants at Cogneesol. From helping you set up the software, handle bookkeeping, payroll processing, tax preparation to financial reporting tasks using the software, our team can manage it all for you!

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