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Comparison of Top 5 Restaurant Accounting Software – Infographic

Last updated: 14 Feb, 2023 By | 6 Minutes Read

For restaurants, accounting is an overwhelming task as they have to put their energies into perfecting food and services. Many restaurants are aware of using accounting software, but there are some who are stuck in past using a “pen” and “paper” system. As there is no rule saying that you have to use accounting software, but then, once you embrace the software for your accounting process you might look back and wonder what it took you so long.

Well, there are numerous software available in the market and it becomes difficult to choose that one individual platform that would be perfect for your business. An appropriate restaurant accounting software can provide you real-time insights into your financials with accounts payable and receivable record keeping in order to help analyze the profits of your restaurant.

Below, I have outlined the top 5 accounting software that can help you get an overview and decide which software can be a good fit for your restaurant business:


ZipBooks is a simple yet powerful accounting software that provides relevant tools and intelligence to take your restaurant to the next level. Sending professional invoices, automating your billing, and collecting payments effortlessly will all major credits cards, moreover, efficiently tracking your business expenses and maintaining up-to-date, color-coded records that allow you to understand what’s going on with your finances at a flick.

ZipBooks is a cloud-based software that allows restaurants to get smarter and streamline their financial operations with ease. The solution delivered by ZipBooks not only helps the management of a restaurant to take better decisions but also helps provide a detailed insight of business financial position in the market.

Touch Bistro

Touch Bistro, Inc. develops iPad point of sale solutions for restaurants, cafes, bars, food trucks, and other food and drinks venues. They have hundreds of years of experience in the restaurant industry and by using that experience, they have designed a unique POS system that helps restaurateurs make more money, deliver a great customer experience and take the guesswork out of making business decisions.

It offers the restaurants a point of sale system for billing and payments; Food Truck POS for food trucks; Food Chain POS for order taking and payments; Bars POS that enables users to manage open tabs by seat or customer name; and Coffee Shop POS for speeding taking and payments.

It was founded in 2010 with one goal in mind – to bring cutting-edge technology to the table to help restaurateurs run successful businesses.


QuickBooks is one of the best innovations of Intuit Inc. It was specifically designed for businesses to streamline their accounting operations efficiently. QuickBooks offers a rich archive of financial tools from simple account tracking and invoicing to options for managing vendors, contractors, and employees. It combines a variety of accounting processes into one- user-friendly system.

Cloud accounting, invoicing, online banking, accounting reports, cash flow management, time tracking, mobile apps, multiple users, and free unlimited support help QuickBooks to stand out amongst the rest in the competitive market. This accounting tool is secure, scalable and easy to share the platform with an accountant.


Restaurant365 is an all-in-one accounting back office system for restaurants, founded in 2012. Thousands of restaurants across the world have stopped using generic ERP software and transitioned to Restaurant365. This integrated platform helps restaurateurs save money, improve the flow of information, maintain the accuracy of reports, and free up the time of restaurateurs.

This cloud-based platform runs on Mac, PC, Tablet & Mobile and offers an array of features like accounting, banking, budgeting, AP automation, fixed assets, financial reporting, purchasing, recipe costing, POS connect, payroll connects, inventory management, food cost and many more. It allows restaurateurs to drive back-office productivity, gain actionable insights and tighten control over cash, time, and inventory.


Xero is a game-changer accounting software designed for restaurants. It is cloud-based accounting software that allows you to obtain the right numbers anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Founded in 2006, Xero has become one of the fastest-growing accounting software offering restaurants to manage their invoices & quotes process efficiently, reconcile statements at a faster pace, inventory management, available as mobile apps, powered with 600+ tools, quicker purchase order, manage bills and expenses, pay employees easily and a lot more. This integrated platform helps businesses realize profits worldwide and outshine in this dynamic market.

This Infographic can help you with the best restaurant accounting software available in the market along with their prices, reviews, ratings, etc.

Restaurant Accounting Services

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