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Major Misconceptions Related to Document Review

Last updated: 30 Apr, 2021 By | 6 Minutes Read

Carrying out a successful and effective legal document review calls for a fusion of rocket science, brain chemistry together with a hot espresso. With eDiscovery solutions and best practices consistently changing, in case your document review procedures haven’t modified over the past 5 years, you are probably squandering time and cash of your company and/or your client. To make sure that your strategies fulfill today’s requirements, bust the following:

4 document review misconceptions on your future eDiscovery undertaking

Misconception #1: Document review just takes place; you don’t actually require a strategy.

There is an outmoded perception that document review is a side-show to the primary eDiscovery feature; nevertheless, that perspective could not be more distant from the reality. Without a doubt, document review is considered as the priciest facet of discovery; keeping that in mind, preparation for the review should begin concurrently as the case team is making plans for preservation and collection. Faltering to formulate a big picture strategy and a comprehensive review handbook can lead to:

  • Several “side reviews” for exclusive issues or perhaps recently discovered documents
  • Downtime for reviewers when they hang around for additional work
  • Documents that are handled 2 or 3 times

Lesson #1: Don’t allow any associate of your case team waste time when you are planning for review.

Misconception #2: Any kind of old legal professional may be able to carry out (or manage) a document review:

With impressive technology at their convenience together with enormous amounts of documents to wrangle, today’s document reviewers are one thing but mundane attorneys. Today’s document review outsourcing companies consist of not just certified and extremely competent attorneys, however, they usually have attorneys having particular training and certifications in various document review programs. They are well aware of how to make use of the strictest quality control standards to optimize time and reduce the expense of a review.

Lesson #2: Ensure that you are backed up with the correct kind of assets for your next review

Misconception #3: All document review technology is similar.

Whilst the majority of leading review programs work in a generally-similar way, you will find considerable variations in how the functionality is used by the end users – which affects the anticipated outcome of a particular feature. Outsource document review specialists comprehend and can emphasize the capabilities and advantages of numerous review tools and recognize how and when to make the profit from functions like workflow, predictive coding, near de-duplication, subject classification, intelligent searching, machine translation (simply to cite some of the essential technologies crucial for any modern-day review). They need to be aware of the nuances of these features in any particular technology setup. In case they are not able to respond to a question, they must be able to get help from the technology provider’s support crew to facilitate.

    Lesson #3: Be careful not to be satisfied with anything lesser than document review superstars.

    Misconception #4: It is going to be apparent when you can discontinue your review…when you run short of documents.

    With the introduction of predictive coding along with the additional technology-aided review systems, no more do attorney’s attention ought to be mounted on each document. Consequently, figuring out when to label the review “complete” is complicated. Today’s document review specialists are proficient at reading metrics and reports triggered by the document review technology and understand when the statistics are demonstrating the first-class review as opposed to an incomplete review.

    Lesson #4: Dust off your mathematical expertise (or better make use of an expert) – it’s the only approach an informed document review expert is aware of when a review is completed.

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