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Blog » Reasons to Hire a Legal Outsourcing Company for Legal Drafting

Reasons to Hire a Legal Outsourcing Company for Legal Drafting

Last updated: 05 Mar, 2024 By | 6 Minutes Read

Outsourcing company for legal drafting

Lawyers, in general, have to work within tight schedules and meet deadlines on a variety of issues. Mostly you will have to attend non-core activities that act as a backup to the main services. However, they are a crucial and integral part of the whole legal scenario.

So, can you afford to spend time on repetitive mundane tasks at the cost of neglecting client services? The answer, of course, will be an emphatic NO… You’ll do well to spin off support services to a reputed outsourcing company for legal issues. It will help you concentrate on business growth, profitability, and acquiring new clients.

Once the die is cast in favor of outsourcing, decide what tasks you can outsource to your outsourcing partner. There are two aspects here. The first is support services, like research and writing, documentation, paralegal services, litigation support services, documentation.

The second category is court appearances. If you are outsourcing to an offshore company, you can do so only for the first set of services. All you need to do is monitor the rendered services.

Legal drafting is a complex and time-consuming process. It requires great expertise and knowledge. Hence, outsourcing to a reliable LPO can add value to your bottom line. It also requires a thorough understanding of the law the draft is based on.

    All lawyers, irrespective of their area of expertise, stand to gain by outsourcing this crucial process. So widespread is this practice today that even Fortune 500 companies, amongst others with their in-house legal departments, prefer legal document or contract drafting services to an outsourcing legal services provider and concentrate on other core activities. The main hitch in the USA is that such outsourced work can be termed as unauthorized practice of law, but this is easily circumvented by having a local law firm stamp its approval on the draft.

    Another very important reason that you should consider while outsourcing legal drafting is that it is actually a bundle of various activities, and the same can be carried out by an outsourced agency at affordable rates without compromising on the quality of the draft. Researching and studying the law before putting pen to paper would waste your precious time.

    The process of legal drafting consists of –

    1. Research –

    This is the first step and requires an in-depth study of the subject of a draft. A thorough grip of the law and its finer nuances is necessary, and this know-how is available with the outsourcing companies.

    2. Legal drafting –

    Some areas that require drafting include motions, legal memoranda, deposition questions, stipulations, notices, and subpoenas, and drafting legal complaints and summons and pleadings. These are just examples and not all-inclusive.

    3. Supporting activities of the drafting procedure –

    If you are outsourcing legal drafting, you also get additional ancillary benefits connected with it. This comprehensive package comprises editing and proofreading standardized contracts and agreements, organizing, maintaining, reviewing, and indexing agreements and drafts, and preparing responses to discovery quests.

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    A decisive reason for hiring a Legal Outsourcing Company for legal drafting is the speeding up of the process, leading to greater client satisfaction and meeting tight schedules. This is because of the time differential with offshore agencies. You can upload requests and drafting requirements at the end of the day. The outsourced company will work on it during their office hours and upload it back to you so that the final draft is on your desk when you resume work in the morning.

    There cannot be other better reasons to outsource legal services.

    Are you on the fence about outsourcing your legal services and finding an ideal LPO company? Get in touch with Cogneesol. Call us today at +1 646-688-2821 or email at [email protected].