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Essential Guidelines for Outsourcing Legal Support Services

Last updated: 30 Apr, 2021 By | 6 Minutes Read

Just before you begin working with a Legal Process Outsourcing company, there are numerous of factors for you to take in consideration with regard to legal support services. These consist of:

  1. Assessing the quality and credibility of the company;

  2. Examining the company’s track record and reputation;

  3. Carrying out reference checks;

  4. Questioning regarding the company’s employment as well as training policies;

  5. Vetting the skills of the people carrying out the tasks; and

  6. Meeting with the core management team.

It is crucial that you make a pay a visit to the site of the LPO Company wherein the work is going to be carried out, regardless of whether the tasks are being outsourced a great distance away, like India.

It’s also wise to put together the guidelines for the review team, take part in the team’s training and engage in consistent conferences and conversations with the review team. It is essential to set up proper procedures and keep a record of questions and answers between the 2 parties.

Should you present follow-up guidelines to the legal process outsourcing company, ensure that you keep a record of that too. This trail comes in handy for making sure that it is apparent that it is an attorney who is overseeing the guidance.

Take some time to ascertain the quality of the tasks and to ensure the LPO company and all related subcontractors maintain the appropriate privacy, non-use, non-disclosure contracts in place. Take time and make sure your legal outsourcing company is able to develop purposeful and genuine separation among things being provided for distinct clients.

How Should Billing Be Taken Care of?

The procedures regarding how billing of LPO expenses ought to be taken care of are not that apparent. Nevertheless, there are basically two views which are surfacing.

The first is that LPO needs to be addressed like an expenditure or disbursement, also referred to as a pass-through cost. The majority of experiences put forward that an attorney is restricted to charging the direct cost related to outsourcing, in addition to a fair distribution of operating expenses linked to handling the outsourced assets.

    The additional perspective is that LPO tasks are addressed as a part of the legal support services being undertaken. Under this perspective, an attorney has the ability to tag up direct expenses of outsourcing, as long as the attorney takes accountability for the LPO work and the overall expense corresponds to an affordable fee for the solutions offered to the client.

    Appropriate views enlighten that irrespective of approach, before contracting for the legal support services to an outsourcing company, the attorney must share to the client the base upon which it is going to be billed for the outsourced solutions.

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