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Cogneesol’s 6 Steps Online Data Entry Process

Last updated: 04 Mar, 2022 By | 6 Minutes Read

Effective data entry is an essential function in most of the business enterprises these days. Any discrepancies in data processing can have an adverse impact on the productivity of the organization. Cogneesol has emerged as a leading provider of high-quality online data entry services to global clients.

The expert team of Cogneesol is capable of handling huge volumes of data entry tasks assigned by clients. The main objective is to reduce the administrative burdens and operational costs. Our aim is to help you in realizing your complete business potential by enabling the staff to work on more important functions which are directly related to the revenue earning process. A rigorous quality control check is followed to ensure that the right results are delivered to the clients.

Below mentioned is a brief insight regarding the work methodology followed by Cogneesol, a leading data entry services company :

  1. Understanding client’s data entry and conversion needs – The first step involves understanding the client’s data entry and conversion requirements. Each client has its own unique requirements which need to be handled differently. Our team first carefully studies the requirement of each client and then prepares a strategy regarding how the tasks will be carried out.
  2. Verification and validation of data – Once we receive the soft or hard copy documents in formats such as PDF, Excel, XML, Word docs etc., we carefully check the data to ensure its validity. In case of any missing information or any other discrepancy, clients are immediately notified. This step is extremely important for the successful completion of the succeeding steps.
  3. Perform data entry – The required data entry process is then followed and the end results are placed in separate files. All the guidelines followed by the clients are strictly followed in this step. A proper workflow is ensured to avoid any setbacks.
  4. Processed data in the designed output formats – Once the work is completed, the data is processed in the right output formats as desired by the clients. The instructions given by the client are kept in mind while performing this process.
  5. Perform validation and quality checks – At Cogneesol, stringent quality assurance measures are undertaken to ensure 99.9% accuracy. Our experts will proofread the data to identify the errors and rectify them. A second quality check will be conducted for making sure that the documents are accurate and complete.
  6. Transfer results to clients – Once the process of data entry is complete; the end result is delivered to the client through email or commonly shared web application etc.

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For more information contact us at info@cogneesol.com or call us at +16466882821.

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