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5 Technological Innovations Accountants in Manufacturing Sector Can’t Ignore

Last updated: 10 Aug, 2023 By | 6 Minutes Read

Accountants in Manufacturing

As a manufacturing business owner, it is essential for you to ensure that your books remain in a proper order, at all times. One of the primary reasons for this is the fact that it will help make the process of tax reporting a lot simpler for you and get you back on track, in no time. Manufacturing accounting is tedious and time-consuming. Business owners need to pay their quarterly income taxes, which may get harder in case it isn’t handled well. It is beneficial for a manufacturing business to know much is being paid out and how much money is getting in.

This can be accomplished by maintaining a proper record of your receipts, bills, company’s net and gross profit, and by generating a clean balance sheet. In a research carried out by Robert Half Management Resources, it was found that nearly 41% of CFOs in the US stated that the technology continues to be a primary source of stress at their work. This implies that as the innovation in the accounting sector grows, it gets tough for them to keep up their pace.

5 Technological Innovations in Accounting:

1. Cloud-Based Accounting

The trend of cloud-based accounting continues to grow on a fast pace across multiple industries, including the manufacturing sector. Cloud-based accounting programs are well-equipped to handle everything from basic bookkeeping, payroll, invoice processing to tax preparation. Manufacturing businesses that adopt cloud-based accounting technology have their financial information updated at all times and with no hassle.

They can also monitor and manage their finances using an easy-to-use dashboard. Automated accounting programs can carry out tasks that earlier used to take up a lot of your time and deprived you of paying attention to the core tasks. Moving your manufacturing accounting to the cloud can reduce the burden of the IT division in your company by handing over the responsibility of managing the software and its updates to the cloud service provider.

2. Complete Integration

Customized integration options are transforming the way businesses work and it has proven to be a boon for the people handling accounting for manufacturing companies. In earlier times, accuracy and precision were a challenge, particularly any time financial data was getting transferred across divisions. Even a minor error could result in serious troubles over a period of time, making it even more essential to correct the same, as soon as possible.

Nowadays, with the advancement in technology, manufacturing businesses can link their CRM, CMS and ERP systems to build a unified environment wherein only authorized people from selected divisions can access the modules and data they require, at any given point of time. To notify about any kind of errors that occur, it is possible to set up alerts, thereby, averting the “snowball effect” that impacts the performance.

3. Minimal Data Entry

By making use of an integrated software solution, manufacturing businesses can reduce the amount of time spent on manual data entry of company’s finances, however, with the introduction of the optical character recognition (OCR) enabled software, it has simplified this process to a great extent.

Advancement in the technology enables business to utilize scanners, cameras and many more devices to capture the financial data like invoices and receipts and then translate their text into the digital format. Enhanced accuracy using the OCR has reduced the chance of errors that may occur at the time of translation. The future of OCR technology is quite bright as it promises to enhance the business’s efficiency.

4. Latest Solutions in Tax Programs

With accounts payable, receivable, payroll and other essential finance-related data available in cloud-based integrated programs, the process of tax preparation has become a lot less demanding. The latest innovation in the manufacturing accounting sector enables CFOs to make use of the correlated data accumulated all through the year to ascertain accuracy for tax-related payments. Updates in real time help in preventing errors as a result of outdated reports and overlooked entries.

No matter if a business pays quarterly or perhaps yearly, accuracy in tax reporting is important. Errors can result in over or under-payment and, in the worse situation, a tax audit. The majority of tax preparation applications make the procedure simple with tools that take care of information like deductions and updates, which point out possibly expensive data entry mistakes.

5. Switching to Mobile

Remote access is among the best advantages of the latest accounting technology. CFOs, as well as other financial experts, are no longer required to be at their workplace to key in the new data, modify tax information or to generate reports. With the appropriate accounting application and relevant mobile apps, it’s easy to manage a manufacturing company’s funds from any place.

Data keyed in by the staff from the workplace is instantly available using the cloud. Other members of the mobile team can keep track of expenditures or payments while they are on the move. This versatility provides CFOs the most up-to-date information they require to remain on top of the financial well-being of their manufacturing company.

Today CFOs understand the significance of these and other growing accounting technological innovations. Comprehending the right way to use and benefit from the correct combination of systems leads to a far more steady financial system and enhanced business growth. Latest accounting technologies in the manufacturing sector are proficient, scalable and safe, offering exactly what CFOs require to be successful.

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