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The legal sector is presently facing one of its major changes in its long and revered history. Organizations that have successfully transformed their Information Technology, Finance, Human Resources and Procurement departments are now expecting the legal function to exhibit real value-for-money.

Accomplishing this whilst sustaining the high standards required in the profession is a daunting task, but certainly not impossible. The law firms themselves are trying to calibrate their particular business models to fit in with these latest frameworks, building up their own distinctive relationships with the service providers.

Cogneesol works closely with the clients to help in transforming legal departments and law firms by creating a premier in-house and outsourced capability. Our familiarity with what good looks like, united with our transformation and sourcing capacities, tools and techniques, imply that we can facilitate our clients in developing legal functions and law firm capabilities, which satisfy the requirements of a 21st century business.

We link up with attorneys to elevate productivity in the legal marketplace by empowering clients to assign large volume of standardized jobs such as contract review, document review and e-discovery to our outsourcing company - enabling them to focus on their core areas without letting routine, repetitive and time-consuming support tasks diminish their operational efficiency.

An Insight to Our Legal Support Services:

Our services offer you scalable, cost efficient and superior quality resources to handle lower value legal jobs - presenting your trained lawyers with more time to shell out on the more beneficial aspects of case work. Our goal is to help you deliver best value to your clients by leveraging our domain knowledge, process management expertise and our commitment to high standards of quality and information security.

If you are a law firm and choose our services:

  • You'll be in a position to fulfill your client's demands completely, including less profitable lower grade work rather than concentrating entirely on the more gainful complex factors of a case.
  • You will be able to encourage cost controlling as a cardinal feature of your services.
  • Accepting cases in totality can improve profits and is easier for your clients too. It likewise makes way for the possibility of a long term and satisfying client relationships.

  • Your in-house legal professionals can expend more of their time on strategical legal and business advice, forgetting about the lower level mundane work and assigning it to us.
  • You can scale down your organization's risk profile by boosting the coverage you obtain from your in-house legal professionals.

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  • We are really thankful to the entire team of Cogneesol. They've helped us reach our customers in a meaningful way. We would love to work with them again in the future.

    - A Leading Telecommunications
  • I want to take a minute to convey my heartfelt gratitude for all the efforts put forth by the team of Cogneesol. They quickly understood our workflow, adapted to our requirements and performed outstandingly.

    - A Fortune 500 Tech Company
  • I am very pleased with Cogneesol's handling of the ticketing procedure. They are super fast in creating cases when new emails arrive and accuracy is just right despite the minimal training we offered. They are rock stars!

    - Tech Startup Company based in New Zealand
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