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Requirement Analysis

Client fills in the inquiry form with their requirements and our sales team gets in touch with them via email or telephone to discuss their project in detail. We fulfill the immediate requirements by devising an outsourcing strategy, after analyzing the components of their business that are 'outsourceable'.

Pilot Project

We then implement the detailed transition plan. To provide a proof of the concept, our execution team completes a pilot project and hands it over to the client for approval with ballpark estimation, measured on the basis of sample task accomplished.

Pricing & Contracting

After receiving acceptance on the work as well as the costs, we send out proposal to client, facilitate client visits, finalize contracts and define service level agreements (SLAs).

Project Initiation

The HR team deploys appropriate resources for the client’s project & arranges a preliminary training for them. After final selection, we begin the assignment. At all times, we ensure that the parameters of turnaround time, efficiency & quality are met.

Project Reporting & Support

A team leader or project supervisor is going to be in touch with the client using e-mail, telephone or instant messenger for day-to-day project tracking and feedback. We make sure that our clients always have control over the complete process of outsourcing.


Based on the client’s project-specific requirements, we offer 3 major engagement models:

The Fixed Price model is for clients having well-defined project requirements as well as plans for the tasks they want to be taken care of. In this model, the client agrees to pay a set amount for the particular project scope being taken into account.

Fixed Price

This model works for anyone on a fixed budget having exact requirements of the project.

The Time and Material model is favored wherein the scope is not clear and changing. Project budget is established on the basis of man-hours’ being put in, and can be flexibly realigned with the client’s dynamic requirements of resources and time.

Time & Materials

The Time and Material model lets you to obtain the deliverables in no time.

The Dedicated team acts as an extension of your team at offshore facilities. You put together your own team of experts of preferred qualification and experience. You have complete control over project’s progress as well as the spending budget plan.

Dedicated Team

Book a professional and specialized team for your long-term projects.

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