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Cogneesol - Work Process (How we Work?)

How We Work?

Cogneesol's unique outsourcing process ensures a straightforward transition and a speedy completion of the outsourced task. The process comprises of five stages, which have been explained briefly below:


All the processes which are involved in the work to be outsourced are studied comprehensively. We fulfill immediate requirements by devising an outsourcing strategy, after analyzing the components of your business that are 'outsourceable'. We de-risk the whole process by conducting an impact analysis.

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We analyze your work management process, organizational structure and your other existing processes. To make sure that your workflow is interrupted to the minimum extent possible, we come up with a thorough replication plan. We finalize training methodologies, project schedule, manpower needs and process maps to implement the transition seamlessly and effectively. During this stage, we facilitate customer visits, finalize contracts and define service level agreements (SLAs).

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We then implement the detailed transition plan. To provide a proof of the concept, we begin production on a small scale. The cost efficiency, quality, turnaround time and productivity are defined according to the transition plan.

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We carry out program management at multiple levels. We ensure that the parameters of turnaround time, productivity and quality are met through supervision of the program at the execution level.

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We continue to manage customer relationships throughout the program's lifecycle. We make sure that you always have control over the process of outsourcing. To achieve that, we utilize program management tools, weekly conference calls, a single point of contact and daily reports. We deliver maximum customer profitability and benefits of year-on-year productivity and help develop long-term relationships through this five-stage process.

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