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An Insight to Web Design Trends in 2015

Last updated: 26 Feb, 2021 By | 6 Minutes Read

From the time when companies began using the web for commercial purposes, one thing has been consistent: the requirement to grow with consumer behaviors.

As we glide into a far more mobile-driven environment—and one wherein frictionless buying genuinely is the Holy Grail—website designing mindsets ought to transform with the ever-evolving consumer. In light of that fact, listed below are three of the prime web design trends 2015.

1. Brilliant Engaging Storytelling:

There’s plenty of hype on the internet presently regarding how companies prefer to share better stories to reach out to their customers. The issue is, although this notion is just excellent, it also imposes a great deal of burden on entrepreneurs to try and determine what their story is and the way to tell it. Several businesses have found an effective way to accomplish it—just check out the website of Tesla Motors.

The company’s ‘Go Electric’ web page responds to customer queries regarding the involvement of the Tesla Motors, the way in which their electric-powered cars function, the advantages to the customers and a lot more.

This is exactly the correct approach to explain your brand’s story, and you don’t require the design budget of Tesla to accomplish this. In case you have a WordPress driven website, Aesop Story Engine is an excellent option that allows you to merge multiple media together to convey one coherent story. From text and full-width graphics to overlaid clips, PDF embeds and traditional timelines, it’s an outstanding and affordable option for your company.

In cases where you’re not on WordPress, then Readz provides an alternative solution for blending multiple media together into an embeddable presentation, which you can use on basically any kind of primary Web platform.

2. Richer Backgrounds on Websites:

Probably the most underused element in Website design is the background of your site’s webpages. A lot of websites are satisfied in having a basic darker font on a white-colored background (or the other way round) and let the text do the talking. Nevertheless, you’re losing out on a huge possibility for truly capturing your visitors’ focus.

Although there’s been a surge in the last couple of years in making use of background graphics, the capability to really make backgrounds more than merely static pictures unwraps a completely new realm of the design possibility. HTML video, for example, enables you to have completely responsive High-definition video played in the background of just about any of your landing webpage.

3. One-Page Scrolling as Opposed to Clicking:

Scrolling web design, that is in cases where all the details concerning your business, solutions etc. is on just one web page, carries its critics, resulting from its possible effect on Search engine optimization and how one-page design is executed. However, there’s absolutely no doubt that it’s turning out to be more popular—and not surprisingly so.

Rather than the need to be worried about badly executed navigation menus that are based on several drop-down tabs, the one-page website usually provides a stylish and effectual experience for the customers. One-page websites are ideal for the type of engaging storytelling pointed out at the beginning of this article.

The above three trends are only a handful of instances where the Internet is steering to from a design perspective in the next couple of months and beyond. Likewise creating inroads in website design are:

Retina display, that permits for a lot higher-resolution surfing on tablets, mobile phones, and hi-definition screens;

Material design, which usually takes the current-darling flat layout and provides minor gradients and layers to attain a richer effect; and

A far more individualized experience—driven by cookies—that takes note of a visitor’s needs and wants, and oodles up a personalized UX on their subsequent visit.

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