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Things Every Advertiser Needs to Know about Facebook Lead Ads

Last updated: 01 Mar, 2023 By | 6 Minutes Read

Do you like filling out forms? “No.” Uninteresting as they might appear to be, forms are very useful things. Today, people want everything to be integrated with their smartphones. Although mobile phones are an excellent way to communicate and discover new things, it wasn’t possible for people to signal businesses about their interest on the go. Thanks to Facebook’s innovative Lead Ads feature this dream has now become a reality.

Lead Ads expedite the signup process by automatically collating contact information that Facebook users have specified. In simple words, the contact information provided by the users on Facebook will automatically populate. Details like email addresses will be at quick disposal.

The tedious task of filling out forms is history. Thanks to Facebook’s Lead Ads feature it is now a simple “Two Tap” process. The first step is to click the call-to-action button such as “Subscribe,” and then give confirmation by clicking “Submit.”

Here is an example of Facebook Lead Ads:

Facebook Lead AdsFacebook Lead Ads









When users click on the ad, they are asked to fill out a form within the Facebook app, which looks like the image above.

Facebook Lead Ads - Auto Fill Forms

In the past marketers were hesitant about requesting too much information. More information requested was inversely proportional to the number of forms completed. But with Lead Ads the information will be auto-filled, sidelining the labor out of completing forms.

Advertisers may customize the form field options depending upon the nature of their business and desired outcome. An option to create custom question is also available.

There are form field options available for a variety of categories such as:

Digital Marketing - Facebook Ads

Work Information





Specialized Services

Health Insurance

Automotive Insurance

Need help

Purchase Objective

After clicking on the submit button, you have now collated the contact information you need. They will now visit a screen with a similar image:

If a prospective client clicks the URL at the bottom, they will be redirected to a page to download the source they opted for. You can also access the leads in real-time. A customized setup to integrate CRM and Facebook allows the users to manually download lead information into a CSV file.

Facebook Lead Ads - Download Lead Information into a CSV File

Some of the prominent advantages of using Lead Ads are:

  • Easy to use: Tap, Tap, Done!
  • Perfect Mobility: Everything is now available inside the Facebook app and can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Choices: Lead Ads can be used for multiple campaigns.
  • Privacy: Facebook does not give out information without the user’s consent.
  • Increased Conversion: Due to easy function the advertisers are bound to enjoy an increase in conversion rate.
  • Cost Efficacy: Compared to traditional advertising and, Lead Ads will reduce the cost drastically. As the success rate increases, the prices may increase but it will still be advantageous for the advertiser.

Overall, this is a great innovation to get users to fill out forms. It will lead to higher conversion rates and enhance user experience. This is a must try for ongoing social campaigns.

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